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Rio 2016: Don’t tag Team Ghana as failures – GAA

And Ow

Ghana Athletics Association (GAA) coach, Andrew Owusu,

Ghana Athletics Association (GAA) coach, Andrew Owusu, has said Team Ghana cannot be tagged as failures, despite losing out on medals at the ongoing Olympics.

Team Ghana’s athletes of 11 have seen nine of them failing to progress from the preliminary stages and even talk of a semi-final berth.

These performances have forced some pundits and fanatics of the discipline to come at the throat of the athletes, describing them as failures due to their abysmal exits.

Owusu believes this is just the beginning of these athletes’ global competition so time could tell.

“I won’t hold any first timer liable for missing out in the semi-final and describing it as as a failure. My first Olympic Games in 1996 in the long jump I actually jumped less.

“This doesn’t mean this is the end for these athletes, it is just the start of their international careers”, he told Starr Sports.

The multi sports event comes to a close on August 21 and Team Ghana will be placing their bets on javelin thrower John Ampomah and the women’s relay team in the coming days.


My aim is to raise image of football, not fight FA – Nii Lante

Nii Lantey Vanderpuye Is Ghana's Sports Minister

Sports Minister Hon. Nii Lantey Vanderpuye

Youth and Sports Minister, Nii Lante Vanderpuye, has denied all claims he has an agenda against Kwesi Nyantakyi and his administration.

There has been frosty relationship between the FA and the Sports Ministry since Nii Lante was appointed Sports Minister with some claiming he has a personal score to settle.

But Nii Lante has rebuffed such claims stating he solely wants to repair the image of football in the country.

“When the president swore me in as the Sports Minister, he told me to work to raise the image of football in Ghana high but people think I have problem with them but it is not so because I only want the right thing to be done.

“I have followed football and played football even before the professionals era came so when I am talking, I am not ignorant about what I am saying. The truth is that our local league is not attractive and it is sinking. If they say it is one of the best, why are they not getting sponsorship?

“I am ready to give out anything and I must confess that even our Olympic team, the government did not give them anything but we got all the money we had from corporates entities and our ambassadors also helped us to mobilize some money for us.

“There are some things that I have been quiet about it and I don’t want to talk about it because I was once a GHALCA representative before Kwesi Nyantakyi came so why will I have problem with Nyantakyi at this time.

“I don’t agree Ghana spending $1,000,000 only for the Black Stars but when I came I have reduced that but the truth is that we don’t have money too and even some of the items that we use at the ministry, I buy from my pocket.

“I don’t care who is the FA president but my sole aim is to work with anybody at the FA to raise the image of Ghana football higher.” Nii Lante added.

Soccer News of Wednesday, 10 August 2016


Play more games at Cape Coast Stadium – Ricketts-Hagan

Cc Stadium

The new Cape Coast stadium

Central Regional Minister George Kweku Ricketts-Hagan has called for more competitive football matches to be played at the newly constructed Cape Coast Stadium.

According to him, there is a “good spirit” at the stadium that makes national teams perform better when they play there.

His suggestion comes after the national U17 side, the Black Starlets, came from behind to thrash Burkina Faso by five goals to one on Sunday August 7 in an African Cup qualifier.

Speaking to Accra Sports’ Kofi Mensah Ocran, Mr Ricketts-Hagan said playing national matches at Cape Coast would also boost commercial activities in the region.

“… As I have been saying, this is a new stadium. There is a lot of good spirit here and when people come here to play, they do well. So far, the last game that was played here by a national team, we won by four goals or so and this time round five, so I think another result will follow soon. So, I am saying that if you come here to play at this stadium, you are likely to get four or more goals. I am urging the Sports Minister, the Sports Council, the GFA, and the whole nation to ensure matches are played here because this is a state-of-the-art [facility], the best stadium in the country at the moment and we should play most of our national matches here to really bring the commerce of this region up as well,” he stated.


Hearts coach denies transfer-listing nine players

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Sergio Traguil Coach Hearts

Hearts coach Sergio Traguil

Hearts coach Sergio Traguil has rubbished widespread reports claiming NINE high-profile players will be transfer-listed at the end of the season as ‘nonsense’.

The Portuguese trainer is livid with the claims which has the tendency to cripple the cohesion of his team as they chase their first Premier League crown in seven years.

The widely circulated report suggested top stars including captain Robin Gnagne as well as vice-captain Owusu Bempah are on their way out.

The report further claimed the axe will fall on some big name players including Sabahn Laryea, Richmond Yamoah, Paul Acquah, Selasi Adjei, Foovi Aguidi, Leonard Tawiah and Isaac Oduro.

But the Europen tactician has denied the claims as ‘lies and nonsense’.

The nine players according to reports will be out of the club as part of strategies to restructure the club.

The source further hinted that most of the players have their contracts expiring at the end of the

Soccer News of Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Ghana to spend $750,000 on Olympic contingent

Team Ogh

Members of Team Ghana at the opening ceremony

Ghana’s participation in the ongoing 31st Olympics is said to be hovering around $750,000 after initial estimates had pegged it at $650,000.

According to the Minister of Youth and Sports, Nii Lante Vanderpuye the full cost involved in catering for the nation’s contingent at the games including the bonuses and other allowances amount to nearly $750,000.

Sixteen athletes are in Brazil’s city of Rio de Janiero for the games.

They include Beatrice Gyaman (4 X 100 metres) Emmanuel Dasor (200 metres), Gemma Acheampong (4 x 100 metres), Flings Owusu-Agyapong (4×100 metres and 100 metres ), Sean Sarfo-Antwi (100 metres) ,John Ampomah (Javelin), Alex Amankwah (800metres) and Janet Amponsah (200 metres and 4 x 100m)

The rest are Dorcas Gyimah (4 x100metres) Abeiku Gyekye Jackson (50metres freestyle), Abdul Omar Wahid (boxing , bantamweight), Szandra Szogedi ( judo, 63 kilogramme), Kaya Adwoa Forson (200 metres freestyle) ands Christian Amoah (85 kilogramme).

He disclosed that apart from the $120,000 sponsorship package offered by the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation(GNPC), the biggest support for Ghana’s Olympic contingent so far, other corporate organisations were responding positively in that direction.

“We are positive that a considerable part of the cost of Ghana’s participation to this year’s Olympics will come from our corporate organisations.

However, he said the government within the current constraints would shoulder the rest of the burden.

Earlier the Chef de Mission of Ghana for the Games, Chris Essilfie, indicated that athletes who won gold would be rewarded with $10,000, $7,000 and $5,000 respectively going to silver and bronze medallists.


Nyantakyi sues two journalists for defamation

Kwesi Nyantakyi 06.14

GFA Chief Kwesi Nyantakyi

Ghana FA president Kwesi Nyantakyi has slapped two sports presenters Patrick Osei- Agyemang and Kofi Asare Brako as well as their media outfit Multimedia Group Limited with a gargantuan defamation lawsuit.

The GFA boss is suing the two controversial figures nicknamed ‘Countryman Songo’ and ‘Abatay’ respectively and their media outfit for $2m in the defamation and libel lawsuit after ‘years of consistent lies and calculated negative campaigns’.

This comes just two weeks after three journalists were jailed in Ghana to threatening some judges in the country on their radio station Montie FM.

The two presenters and Multimedia Group Limited, the holding company of Asempa FM, have been served with the comprehensive lawsuit.

The presenters and their media company are required by the court to file their witness statements by the end of the month after Nyantakyi produced over 100 recordings of lies calculated to defame him and the football federation.

The recording dates back from 2012 until 2014 when Abatay was a presenter at Asempa FM before switching to Atinka FM. As such the two presenters are being held to account over their claims on Asempa FM against Nyantakyi.

The radio station and its parent company have also been accused of giving an unfettered platform to damage the reputation of Nyantakyi – as some its other Twi language stations toe a similar line.

The lawsuit claims false reports about Nyantakyi were “broadcasted by Asempa FM throughout the world” via the internet and has severely damaged his reputation good name.

Led by one of Ghana’s best legal brains Teddy Sory, lawyers for Nyantakyi are seeking punitive damages for libellous statements calculated at damaging his reputation in the eyes of the public.

Ghana’s leading football official says Asempa FM and its reporters damaged his reputation and he is seeking Eight Million GhC8m ($2m) in the suit.

The lawsuit comes two weeks after the country was rocked with the jailing of three journalists but the legal experts say the action of Nyantakyi is ‘long overdue’ because of the consistency and ferociousness of attacks on his personality.

Two years ago Ghana FA announced a public boycott of Asempa FM for the ‘consistent lies calculated to demonize the federation in the eyes of Ghanaians with false and one-sided reports’.

Delegations were sent to the federation to beg the leaders to renounce the boycott but reversing of the decision only escalated attacks on the GFA.

The lawsuit, filled at the Fast Track court in Accra, said the reports on Nyantakyi by the radio station were “false and malicious” and he is armed with over 100 recordings of the programmes which have been marked as slanderous.

Nyantakyi said their claims have caused him “humiliation” and “distress” and that he “has been subjected to unfathomable amounts of ridicule and public scorn”.

The legal challenge has got wide implications for Asempa FM as Nyantakyi holds international positions on Swiss-based organisation FIFA, CAF and he is also the leader of the West Africa Football Union (WAFU).

Despite complaints to the owners and manager of the radio the attacks went on unabated as it reached its apex on 11th November 2014 when Brako called Nyantakyi ‘a thief’ and ‘has defrauded Ghanaians for far loo long’.

Under Ghanaian law, damaging someone’s reputation with false information is a crime that can carry a huge fine which was recently witnessed between a newspaper and a high-ranking official of the ruling government.

Songo’s Fire for Fire programme has mainly been modelled on Nyantakyi who has been the subject of discussion on his sports show for the past five years.

The CAF Executive Committee member wants an end to the bad-mouthing and unprofessional conduct of the above-mentioned journalists to end.

Songo was arrested by police in Ghana some months ago for the possession of narcotic drugs before his show.

This lends to the widespread suspicion that his foul-mouthed presentation on the radio show is drug-fuelled.

Soccer News of Wednesday, 3 August 2016


GFA, Sports Minister rift deepens

Ibrahim Saani Dara GFAGFA spokesperson, Saani Daara

Communication Director of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Saani Darra, has said the association will push Ghana’s Youth and Sports Minister to name the official who requested him (Minister) to bend the rules for the Black Satellites.

Youth and Sports Minister, Nii Lantey Vanderpuye, in a radio interview, made a claim that, “an official of the football association made approaches for certain things to be done but I declined”.

And this submission has got Saani worried, consequently requesting the minister to name and shame that individual as his allegation is highly damaging.

Speaking on a Joy FM sports show, Saani said; “the last thing we heard, he [Sports Minister] said someone [from the GFA] demanded some special favours from him before the Black Satellites game against Senegal.

“We are not taking this lightly, as such allegations are damaging and as such, will request the minister to name the official.

“We will, during the next executive meeting, raise the issue after gathering all the points he has raised,” he added.

This is no news, as lately, the relationship between the GFA and the Sports Ministry has turned sour.


Gyan – Dede Ayew captaincy talk should end – Coach J.E Sarpong

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Allsports Dede Ayew And Asamoah GyanGhana Black Stars captain Asamoah Gyan and deputy Dede Ayew

Former Dwarfs Coach, J.E Sarpong has called for an end to the Gyan-Dede Ayew captaincy debate since it is doing more harm than good.

Ibrahim Tanko earlier in the week said he wants Gyan to be elevated as general captain because of his physical frailties.

In sharp contrast, Coach JE Sarpong says there is no point in seeking problem where there is none.

According to him there are key things that you look out for in appointing a captain and he believes Asamoah Gyan fulfills all to the best of his knowledge so why do you change him.

In an interview with Adam Adjei on Kasapa Fm’s Dwidwam Sports show on Monday, he unequivocally kicked against the idea of even starting a debate of this sort.

I think we should be very careful with this captaincy debate. If we look at our history, this same thing caused us a lot in time past so why do we have to start another one again? In appointing a captain you ask yourself so many questions;

1. Is the person a good leader?

2. Is he loved by the team?

3. Does he fight for the general good?

4. Is he a unifier? And if you ask I think Asamoah Gyan ticks all the checklists so why do we have to change him? His injury is not a problem if you ask me.

If he is not around, the deputy captain acts and that is all. There is no point in asking him to relinquish the position why he has still not retired from the national team. Let us allow Asamoah Gyan to write officially to retire then we can hand it to the heir apparent who in this case is Andre Dede Ayew.

I bet you anything short of this will resurrect the old ghost that haunted the team in the early 90s which caused us a lot of things in the Black Stars. Let us end this debate because it is not healthy for the Black Stars.

Sports News of Thursday, 21 July 2016


Kotoko Assistant coach furious over fans reactions to defeat

Godwin Ablordey 09 67Godwin Ablordey

Team manager of Asante Kotoko, Godwin Ablordey, has reacted angrily to claims his side were disgraceful in their 4-1 defeat at the hands of Ebusua Dwarfs.

The Porcupine Warriors were handed their biggest defeat of the season as they had no answers to the questions provided by the Cape Coast side.

This has led to section quarters of the media calling the performance disgraceful, but the former captain feels that was harsh.

“I don’t want to take that disgraceful tag you used to describe my players. It is very bad.”

“You can say we did not perform well. This is football, and anything can happen, and we can have a bad day.”

“You need to watch the match and see how the referee behaved.”

“You can’t say we were disgraceful. You can’t sit there, open your mouth and say anything you want.”

Up next for Kotoko is the Super 2 clash against Hearts of Oak and Ablordey feels they will bring the players up to speed for the game.

“We are going to motivate and encourage the players. We are down, but we are not out.”


AYC Qualifiers: Fobi confident of Satellites progression

Kingsley Fobi Udinese ItalyKingsley Fobi

Black Satellites defender Kingsley Fobi is confident his side can overturn their 3-1 deficit at the hands of Senegalese.

The Satellites must beat their opponents by a two-goal margin or more without reply to make the last 8 for the African Youth Championship in Zambia.

And with Ghana needing to overturn another deficit just like the Ethiopian tie, Fobi is adamant they have corrected their mistakes.

“I am sure we will be able to qualify. When we went there, we lost 3-1… and we have worked on our errors,” he told Joy Sports.

“I am sure, if we meet them again, we can win. It is not going to be easy, but we believe in ourselves as a team.”

“Our training after the game has shown that we are improving, and we are working on our technical errors.”

Fobi was part of the Satellites team that won bronze at the Africa Youth Championship in Senegal.

General News of Tuesday, 19 July 2016


Egyptian media condemns Ghana over World Cup bribery report

Nii Lantey Vanderpuye FreshNii Lantey Vanderpuye, Minister of Youth and Sports

The Egyptian media is united in its condemnation of Ghana after a media report claimed that the government paid $420,000 in ‘bribes’ to secure the win over the Pharaohs to qualify for the 2014 World Cup.

All the biggest newspapers and new organisations launched scathing attacks on Ghana implying that the West African country is corrupt and undeservedly secured a place at the World Cup.

Key news organisations in Egypt dedicated columns on the leak from Ghana’s Sports Ministry as reported by the Ghana Sports Newspaper on Monday.

The leak from Ghana’s sports ministry has wreaked a damaging blow to the integrity of Ghana and could subject the country to massive international embarrassment with the Egyptian media widely reporting on the matter.

Some of the most authoritative news organisations like Filgoal, Kingfut and Mubasher are among the more than 300 news reports in Egypt and the Arab world.

There is widespread condemnation of Ghana over the report with some demanding that the Egypt Football Association report the matter to FIFA for action against the West Africans.

The various reports slammed Ghana over the report with Kingfut attacking Ghana by writing that the “stench of corruption in the African Football has become unbearable.”

“Money, sovereignty and relations have become the main features of many strong Football Associations around the continent.”

The report by the Ghanaian newspaper which claimed that ‘unclassified payments’ are ‘bribes’ by the Ghana team which is bringing uncomfortable moments for the country.

The leak, according to the newspapers, emanates from the Sports Ministry as the stand-off between the government agency and the Ghana FA widens.

The document or claim from the ministry seems to have been calculated to paint the GFA in a bad light as it desperately appears to paint the picture that the federation is profligate.

The ministry claims it is seeking to cut down costs, but the Minister Nii Lante Vanderpuye has been fingered as the man who was seeking to stage a coup d’etat to take over the federation.

Since he took over the ministry, he has directed over 20 public attacks on football in the country on players of the national team, the coach of the Black Stars and the Federation.

The GFA suspects he is on a witch hunting exercise to satisfy his long-held ambition of taking charge of the federation through his proxies similar to what he supervised at the Ghana Olympic Committee when BT Baba was removed from office.

Egypt came inches close to reaching the 2014 World Cup finals for the first time since 1990, and the third time ever, after topping their group during the qualifiers.

They had one final hurdle; to win against Ghana during the playoff game. Their hopes were dashed following a 6-1 away defeat in Accra, putting them in front of a mountain to climb before the return leg.

At the Cairo Military Stadium on 19 November 2013, the seven-time African champions claimed a 2-1 win, a result that allowed the Black Stars to reach the finals with a 7-3 aggregate win.

Sports News of Thursday, 7 July 2016


ECG cuts power supply to ‘indebted’ Accra Sports Stadium

Accra Sports Stadium GreenAccra Sports Stadium

The Electricity company of Ghana has cut power supply to the Accra Sports Stadium as part of its ongoing mass disconnection exercise in Accra, according to a report.

The electricity bills of the Accra Sports Stadium remain outstanding for several months.

Operations at the stadium including the work of its ultra-modern gym have since been rendered ineffective as some of the vital equipment run on electricity.

It is unclear when power will be restored with no clear end in sight to the deadlock between officials of the NSA and ECG over the strangling debts.

The move is being carried out by the state power distributor to collect outstanding debts from customers.


Clifford Aboagye not in a hurry for Black Stars call up

Clifford Aboagye1 07.13Clifford Aboagye

Former Ghana U-20 skipper Clifford Aboagye says he is not losing sleep following stagnation to his development and is also not in a hurry to play for the Black Stars.

Aboagye, tipped as one of Ghana’s up and coming stars, won the bronze ball at the 2013 FIFA World Youth Championship in Turkey, but has since failed to make the grades that will see him play for the Black Stars.

“He (Grant) has not contacted me. Football is about time. When is your time, nobody can take it from you,” he spoke to Radio Univers Stak Sottie.

“Even the 2013 World Cup people didn’t expect me to go that far. So is about time. I need to work hard. Is a big dream to play for the senior national team and I am ready anytime I am given a call-up.

Sports News of Thursday, 16 June 2016


I work with parties in power – Asamoah Gyan

Asamoah Gyan Shanghai SIPGAsamoah Gyan

Contrary to claims that captain of the Ghana Black Stars, Asamoah Gyan, is hobnobbing with the opposition New Patriotic Party in a bid to topple the John Mahama government, the Shanghai SIPG striker says he works only with parties in government.

While parrying allegations that he is in bed with Nana Akufo-Addo and his NPP, Asamoah stated that he does not work with parties in opposition.

Speaking on Accra-based Hot Fm, monitored by, the Black Stars captain cum musician stated, “I don’t support any political party not just me but all the black stars players work with any elected president.”

According to him, he serves only Ghana and not politicians, adding that the only organization he is committing funds to is philanthropic work.

Host of Muntie Fm’s Pampaso socio-political programme, Mugabe Maase, last Monday called on Asamoah Gyan to responds to rumors that he has promised to fund the 2016 campaign of Nana Akufo-Addo.

But in swift riposte via twitter, the Black Stars skipper Asamoah Gyan who refuted the allegation, “Say no to irresponsible journalism, the owners/managers of Muntie fm must call Mugabe to order. I’m a footballer and not a politician..”

He added that, he had contacted his lawyers and that Mugabe should prepare to meet him in court


We owe 2006 WC standby players only $5k each – Nyantakyi

Nyantakyi NewKwesi Nyantakyi is the president of the Ghana FA

The President of the Ghana Football Association, Kwesi Nyantakyi, has admitted that they owe the five 2006 FIFA world cup standby players $5000, but not $10,000 as alleged.

Former Black Stars midfielder, Yusif Alhassan Chibsah revealed it last week that the Football governing body owes him and other four players $10000 appearance fee for the competition held in Germany ten years ago.

But the GFA President says they still owe the five players but not $10000 as reported.

“Is true we owe them [the five standby players]. We promised them $5000 each but not $10000,” he told Angel FM.

“Even the 23 players were paid $10000 as an appearance.”

He concluded, “their $5000 was not budgeted, it was a promise. We will pay them.”

The other four standby players include Philemon McCarthy, Aziz Ansah, Baffour Gyan and Baba Adamu.


AFCON U17 Nations Cup: Liberia withdraws; Ghana gets walkover

Black Starlets  NamibiaBlack Starlets

The Liberian Football Association have confirmed their withdrawal from the 2017 Africa U-17 Cup of Nations tournament, can exclusively reveal.

The Liberia U-17 were drawn to face the Black Starlets of Ghana in the first round of the qualifiers of the competition.

The young Lone stars pulled out of the competition due to financial constraints.

“Is true We [Liberia] have withdrawn from the tournament. We don’t have the adequate funds to make the trip to Ghana for the qualifiers, so we decided to pull out,” Liberian FA member told in an exclusive interview.

The Black Starlets were to begin their campaign hosting the Young Leon Stars on the weekend of June 24-26, before travelling to Monrovia in a fortnight for the return leg.

Coach Paa Kwesi Fabin and his charges earn a walkover to take on Burkina Faso in the second round of the qualifiers in August this year.

The Africa U-17 Cup of Nations will be held in Madagascar next year.


FIFA to release new special ranking for Africa

FIFA Headquarters3FIFA

IFA has decided to release a new special ranking for Africa for the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

This was after the Egyptian Football Association complained to the sport’s governing body and the Confederation of African Football raising issues with earlier ranking system released for the Group stage draw.

Egypt had dropped two places in the special June ranking for African countries, to 7th spot and into Pot 2 despite being ranking 5th in Africa in the months of May, June and even July.

This meant the Pharaohs were not seeded for the draw.

FIFA new ranking will be released on 21 June.


Majeed Waris insists Black Stars call up is based on form

Majeed Warris Black StarsMajeed Waris

Contrary to claims that players are not meritoriously selected into the Black Stars, Lorient striker Majeed Waris insists any player in top form can always earn a call up into the national team.

To Majeed, he was invited when he had hit top form in Sweden and believes the same criteria is used in selecting players for the Ghana national team.

“I was in top form in Sweden and won the goal king. That is how I got my call up. So I always believe that if you are on top of your form, you will get the chance at any time,” Waris told Metro TV.

Many have argued for the inclusion of certain players in the team insisting their call up is not based of their current performance but the former Right To Dream Academy player disagrees.

The recent call up of Athletico Madrid’s Thomas Teye Partey confirms Majeed Waris’ assertion.

The former Tema Youth midfielder, Partey, earned his first call up following his stupendous performance for his side in the UEFA Champions League.


Andre Ayew: Can he lead Swansea into the top half of EPL?

Andre Ayew Swansea ActionAndre Ayew

Andre Ayew was one of the standout players for Swansea City last season and the Ghana international is likely to play a key role for the Welsh side again throughout the 2016/17 campaign. In fact, he is almost certainly going to be one of the most influential players at the Liberty Stadium next season – and here’s why.

Ultimately, Ayew is a unique talent and he offers Swansea something completely different; either upfront or in a wider role. Ayew is, along with Gylfi Sigurdsson, a class above his team-mates and his skillset could prove useful as they bid to climb the Premier League table. This season, they finished in the bottom half and Welsh football fans may be in buoyant mood ahead of next year if the national team perform well at Euro 2016.

At the time of writing, Betway are currently offering a limited number of Premier League odds – with Swansea priced at 4/1 to suffer relegation. However, there are a multitude of betting markets set to go live in the coming months as excitement and anticipation grows ahead of the new campaign. After all, the fixtures have officially been released and fans are already planning away days to Stoke, Sunderland and Southampton.

Ayew isn’t in that elite bracket of players just yet but he has enough quality to cause problems for the top flight’s best sides. On his day, the Ghana man is a real handful and Ayew is capable of strutting his stuff for Swansea on a weekly basis. Consistency has hindered his impact at times since arriving at the Liberty Stadium but the 2016/17 campaign could be HIS year. If anyone is going to grab the bull by the horns, it’s Andre Ayew.

Because the Ghana star is a fighter. He’s a fighter for his country, he’s a fighter for his club and he’s a fighter for himself. Ayew knows how good he is and that is why he strives to improve on a daily basis. Whether that means putting in the extra hours of training or hitting the gym in the evening, Ayew is committed to achieving great things and Swansea will benefit from his hunger and desire next season.

At 26 years old, Ayew is in his peak years and the former Marseille man will be an integral part of Swansea’s side going forward. The Welsh outfit may have struggled last season but with a healthy Ayew at the forefront of their attacking play, it would be foolish to dismiss them next season. Who knows, they could even finish in the top half and may surprise a few in the cup competitions…

Soccer News of Monday, 13 June 2016


2017 AYC qualifiers: Ghana 4-0 Ethiopia

Yaw YeboahYaw Yeboah

Yaw Yeboah scored twice as Ghana’s U20 beat Ethiopia 4-0 in Cape Coast to seal qualification to the next stage of the 2017 African Youth Championship qualifier.

Mas-Ud Dramani’s side have advanced the final qualifying round to be played next month.

The Black Satellites went up two-zero at half time after Yeboah scored the first from a header and striker Dauda Mohammed powered in the third.

Inter Allies kid Evans Mensah scored the third on 57 minutes after collecting a pass from Mohammed.

With a quarter of an hour left, Yeboah made his experience count with the fourth goal at the new Cape Coast Stadium.

The match was rained off on Sunday and had to be played the next day.


Medeama depart for DR Congo on Thursday to face TP Mazembe

Medeama 2014Medeama Players

Medeama will travel to DR Congo on Thursday ahead of their CAF Confederation group opener against giants TP Mazembe.

The two-time Ghanaian FA Cup holders will take on the five-time African champions in Lubumbashi on Sunday.

The Mauve and Yellows will take on Techiman City in an outstanding Premier League fixture, which has been rained of on two occasions on Tuesday.

The team will then fly out to DR Congo two days later for the big clash against the African powerhouse in their opening group A clash.


Ex-Hearts of Oak star Uriah Asante dies of heart attack aged 24

Uriah Asante1Uriah Asante

Former Hearts of Oak midfielder Uriah Asante is dead, a family member has confirmed.

The 24-year-old suffered a cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra.

His cousin, Adolf Gyimah said on Kumasi-based Ashh FM on Monday.

Asante played for Hearts of Oak on loan from Pure Joy FC and blossomed in two seasons.

He then left for Tunisia to play for Etoile du Sahel and EGS Gafsa.

Source: sportscrusader

Bashiru Hayford set for Ashgold exit

Bashiru HayfordBashiru Hayford Obuasi Ashanti Gold head coach

Defending Ghana Premier League (GL) champions, Obuasi Ashanti Gold is set to lose the services of head coach, Bashiru Hayford at the end of the 2015/816 season.

The former Kumasi Asante Kotoko coach’s job has come under heavy criticism after starting poorly in their defend in the title they won in the 2014/15 with just two wins, three defeats and ten draws inn the first half of the current season.

The former Heart of Lions technical handler since the poor league start has been fighting his way out of the club after supporters of the the ‘Aboakese’ side called for his exit from the club as they ended the first half of the season in 11th position. sources has disclosed the tough-talking coach has been given the green light by his employers to depart the club after the current season as both parties have agreed terms on his exit.

The Miners finished 11th at the end of the first round.


Great Olympics set for Premier League – Attram

Godwin Ashitey AttramGodwin Attram

The head Coach of Accra Great Olympics, Godwin Attram says he is confident his team will qualify for the top-flight next season after finishing second on the Zone Three league table at the end of the first round of the Division One League.

After being appointed the head coach in April, the 35-year-old has guided Olympics to record seven wins, two draws and three losses during his early stages as a player and coach of the club.

Speaking to the Graphic Sports last Saturday at the Fire Service Park in Accra, the former PSV Eindhoven striker insisted that Olympics really deserved to be back in the Premier League and believed their performances during the first round justified that assertion.

“You have watched us during the first half of the season, and you witnessed our capability. I see no reason why we should not be able to qualify because I think we have all it takes to match-up with any team playing in the top-flight,” he said.

“No team in the Premier League is bigger than Accra Great Olympics, and fans should watch out for us soon”.

Attram further voiced out his intentions of bringing back former team-mate and former Black Stars keeper, Richard Kingson, to help guide the team with his experience.

“At this stage, I think all we need is experience to guide the young players not to be complacent. I am talking to Richard Kingson to join me so we can all achieve our target to see Accra Great Olympics play in the top flight,”

“I am also talking to other players who I believe can help the team reach where it is supposed to reach but would not want to mention names now,” Attram added.


Papic to swoop for 3 Black Satellites players

Kosta PapicKosta Papic

Former Coach of Accra Hearts of Oak, Kosta Papic claims he is in Ghana to watch three players in the Ghana Under-20 football team and not for Hearts as was being speculated.

According to the Serbian trainer, he was in Cape Coast to watch the Satellites play against their Ethiopian counterparts on Sunday, but the game was rained-off unfortunately which means he will not have the opportunity of seeing the game today because he is set to return to his home country today.

Speaking exclusively to Happy FM’s Anopa Bosuo Sports, Papic, popularly known as Bill Clinton debunked speculations making rounds that he was in Ghana to take over the coaching job at Accra Hearts of Oak

“I am in Ghana to watch three players in the national Under-20 team who were supposed to play against their Ethiopian counterparts yesterday, but it was rained off so; unfortunately, I can’t watch them today because I have to fly back to Serbia,” Papic told Happy FM.

“I’m not here because of Hearts of Oak even though I love the club and wouldn’t hesitate to make a return to the club in the future,” Papic added.

Soccer News of Saturday, 4 June 2016

Premier League

Club Pts
Wa All Stars 28
Aduana Stars 26
Asante Kotoko 26
Hearts of Oak 26
Liberty Professionals 24
Medeama 23
Dreams 23
Berekum Chelsea 20
Techiman City 19
Hasaacas 18
Ashanti Gold 16
Inter Allies 15
Bechem United 15
Ebusua Dwarfs 14
New Edubiase 12


Mahama, Nana Addo mourn Muhammad Ali

Mo AliBoxing legend Mohammed Ali

President John Mahama and his main contender in the 2016 elections, Nana Akufo-Addo, have joined a host of world leaders to console the family of boxing legend Mohammed Ali, who passed on Saturday.

The former world heavyweight boxing champion, one of the world’s best-known sportsmen, died at a hospital in the US city of Phoenix, Arizona, after being admitted on Thursday.

He was suffering from a respiratory illness, a condition that was complicated by Parkinson’s disease.

The funeral will take place in Ali’s hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, his family said in a statement.

In a tweet, Mahama said: Sad to hear the passing of Muhammad Ali. He was our hero and truly ‘the Greatest’.

On his part, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) flagbearer Nana Addo described Ali as “the greatest boxer of the modern era.”

He tweeted: Eloquent, brilliant, principled, and icon. The greatest boxer of the modern era. May he rest in perfect peace.

Ali’s career ended with one-sided defeats by Larry Holmes in 1980 and Trevor Berbick in 1981, many thinking he should have retired long before.

He fought a total of 61 times as a professional, losing five times and winning 37 bouts by knockout.


Asamoah Gyan, Andre Ayew vie for SWAG award

Gyan Dede 10.12Ghana Black Stars captain Asamoah Gyan with his deputy, Dede Ayew

Ghana captain Asamoah Gyan and his deputy Andre Ayew are the frontrunners for the Sports Writers Association of Ghana Personality of the Year award on Saturday in Accra.

The 41st SWAG Awards Night will take place at the Banquet Hall of the State House.

Gyan, who is nursing an injury, has returned to his club side Shanghai SIPG in China.

Ayew is on international duty and will captain the Black Stars against Mauritius on Sunday in a 2017 Africa Cup of Nations Group H penultimate qualifier.

The duo are in contention with top local coaches Yusif Basigi and Bashir Hayford.

Basigi made the final shortlist after leading the Black Queens to win their first ever gold at the All Africa Games in Congo last year.

Hayford merited nomination for the enviable award, having guided Ashantigold to their first Premier League title in 19 years.

However, the race could be narrowed down to a straight fight between Gyan and Ayew following their exploits in the Stars’ silver-winning campaign at AFCON 2015 in Equatorial Guinea, as well as their impressive club outings.

During the period, Gyan recorded another transfer move from Al Ain to Chinese side Shanghai SIPG, while Ayew was an instant hit for Welsh side Swansea City in the English Premier League, following his free transfer from French side Marseille.

Coincidentally, the Stars duo are also neck and neck for the Footballer of the Year award, alongside teammate Harrison Afful in an event which will also be graced by the Sports Minister, Edwin Nii Lantey Vanderpuye.

Another interesting contest will be the Premier League Star of the Year category where Ashantigold’s Eric Opoku (who won the PLB version of the award)), Kennedy Ashia of Liberty Professionals and Wa All Stars agile goalkeeper Richard Ofori (Wa All Stars) are in contention.

The Black Queens have been shortlisted for the National Team of the Year.

Coach of the Year – Yusif Basigi (Black Queens, Hasaacas Ladies), Bashir Hayford (Ashgold), Henry Quansah (Golden Rackets); Richard Commey – Professional Boxer of the Year);

Most Promising Star – Joel Fameyeh;

Dedication and Valour – Stephen Oduro (Asante Kotoko); and Lifetime Achievement Award – Sophia Okuley (women’s football).

Special Awards will also be given to Asamoah Gyan (philanthropy).

In what could be described as one of the best SWAG Awards in recent times, about 700 guests drawn from the Diplomatic Corps, Members of Parliament, sports chiefs and athletes across the board will be in attendance, including the Chief Executive Officer of headline sponsor, MTN Ghana, Mr Ebenezer Asante.


Black Stars arrive in Port Louis for Mauritius clash

Black Stars Port LouisBlack Stars will meet Mauritius on Sunday

Black Stars touched down in Port Louis ahead of their Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Mauritius.

The team arrived in the capital of the island nation on Saturday morning and was met by Ghana’s ambassador to Mauritius Kwesi Ahwoi.

The senior national team will hold their first training session in Port Louis today ahead of the crucial clash on Sunday.

Coach Avram Grant’s men will secure qualification to the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations to be held in Gabon should they pick a point against Les Dodos.

Ghana made light work of Mauritius, winning 7-1, in the first group H meeting at the Accra sports stadium


Afcon qualifier: ‘We have to avoid complacency’ – Andre Ayew

Andre Dede Ayew NewAndre Ayew

Ghana deputy captain Andre Ayew has urged his teammates to remain cautious ahead of their Cup of Nations qualifier against Mauritius on Sunday.

The Swansea City star will captain the team following skipper Asamoah Gyan’s absence from the team.

Andre wants the team to avoid complacency ahead of the game at the Stade George V.

“There are no minors in football now, we have to avoid complacency, they will be favored by their home fans at the Stadium, they have not lost any game there so they will come all out,” he said.

“And it is important for us to maintain our focus and avoid any complacency.”

Ghana will book a slot at the tournament next year if they are able to secure a draw on Sunday.

I walked out of a meeting – Kenichi confesses

Kenichi Yatsuhashi WhiteHearts of Oak coach Kenichi Yatsuhashi

Hearts of Oak head coach Kenichi Yatsuhashi has confessed that he walked out a meeting with his employers.

The Japanese-American trainer has been accused insubordination, and alleged disdain towards his employers.

The 46-year-old was reported to have walked out of a meeting with management banging the door the door in the proces after the Phobians one-all draw against WAFA.

“I walked out of a meeting only once in April . The reason is because I am not used to three hours meeting,” he told Asempa Sports.

“From where I am coming from, meeting lasts from 20-30 minutes. So I have been doing my best, I have walked away once but three hours for me is a very very long time.” He noted.

Kenichi Yatsushashia admited the culture in this part our world is different and he is working hard to adapt.

“That’s how it is done here but I am doing my best to get used to it except for that one in April I have never walked away.”

“In May, there was a meeting and I attended, it lasted 3 hours and 15 minutes but I was there.”

Hearts have picked 26 points out of 45 under Kenichi Yatsuhashi in the first half of the league.


I am the best player in the first round – Latif Blessing

Latif Blessing PlayerLiberty Professionals prodigy Latif Atta Blessing

Liberty Professionals prodigy Latif Atta Blessing says he was the best player in the Ghana Premier League at the end of first round.

Latif Blessing enjoyed a wonder first round after scoring 9 goals in the League.

The 20-year-old has already been tipped to win the best player accolade at the end of the season following his remarkable display in the domestic top-flight.

“I think I have done well in the first round, is up to the fans and everyone to judge whether I am the best or not,” he told Starr FM.

“But I believe I have played well so if you ask me I will say yes I am the best player in the first round.”

The exciting youngster has been inspiring for Liberty Professionals in the last two seasons.

He was adjudged the young player award in the Ghana Premier League last season.

Soccer News of Friday, 3 June 2016


President Mahama to play in 2016 Vodafone Unity Match

John Mahama Celeberate WinJohn Dramani Mahama

Ghana’s President, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama will play in the 2016 Vodafone Peace Match on the 11th in Accra, the Sport Minister, Nii Lante Vanderpuye has confirmed.

According to the outspoken Sports Minister, the President before leaving the country for an international assignment in Cote d’Ivoire, pledged support for the event.

The President then hinted he will play in the match on the 11th in Accra between a Stephen Appiah-led star-studded World XI against the Black Stars.

“Before the President left for an assignment in Cote d’Ivoire, we met to talk about the Black Stars game against Mauritius and factored in the Vodafone Peace Match.

“He was very happy with the initiative and told me he will play in the match even if for two minutes,” Nii Lante told the press when Stephen Appiah paid a courtesy call on him.

The minister, however, did not indicate whether the President will play for the World XI side or the Black Stars.

The Vodafone Peace Match is set to canvass for peace before, during and after the November General elections.

Asante Kotoko will come up against the World XI side on the 8th of this month before the same side clashes with the Black Stars on the 11th.


Hearts make u-turn on decision to sack Kenichi

Kenichi Yatsuhashi Hearts CoachKenichi Yatsuhashi

Ghanaian giants Accra Hearts of Oak dramatically failed to make a decision to sack Kenichi Yatsuhashi as the club’s head coach.

Board and management members of the club concluded the Japanese-American trainer remains in the driving seat despite an earliet decision to terminate his appointment on Friday.

The club’s official Twitter account posted a tweet suggesting the coach is staying put.

Hearts of Oak’s Administrative Manager Hackmann Aidoo confirmed to Accra-based Happy FM the club had decided to part ways with the 4-year-old but said the club’s management was locked in a crunch meeting to outline the fate of the coach.

Reports in the local media Thursday claimed Hearts Strategic Committee head Vincent Odotei had issued a verbal sack to the coach who is widely tipped to have revived the club.

But Odotei has questioned the form of the former African champions in the first-half of the season. Kenichi led Hearts to amass 13 points from their opening 5 games but of the season but he disappointingly claim the same amount of points in his last 10 games of the first round of the league, including a home loss to bitterest rivals Asante Kotoko.

Local media reports claim Hearts had already established contact with Serbian gaffer Kosta Papic to replace Kenichi.

Papic, who managed Hearts of Oak in the 2008-2009 season, reportedly asked to be paid a monthly salary of $5000, $3000 better than Kenichi’s current wages.

In an interesting twist, Techiman City FC coach Yussif Abubakar who has also managed the Phobians in his past spell was linked to the job.


Frankfurt and Schalke chase Dauda Mohammed

Dauda MohammedDauda Mohammed

Asante Kotoko striker Dauda Mohammed is a transfer target for German clubs Eintracht Frankfurt and Schalke 04 according to multiple reports in the local media.

The Porcupines have slapped an astronomical $1 million price-tag on in-form striker Dauda Mohammed and per the reports the two German club’s are ready to meet the buy-out clause.

The deal could be finalized this month and he’ll be expected to travel to Germany to have his medicals in July.

Dauda has been in imperious form this, netting seven goals in 14 Premier League matches this season.


Kosta Papic wants over $5k to coach Hearts

Kp HrtsCoach Kosta Papic

The management of Accra Hearts of Oak has contacted former Orlando Pirates coach Kosta Papic to take over the club for the second round of the Ghana Premier League.

Papic who coached Hearts in 2008/9 league season is being offered $5000 as salary to take over the club but insists on taking over $8000 as Kenechi Yatsuhashi is likely to be sacked before the commencement of the second round.

The board of the club will be meeting on Thursday to consider the sacking of the Japanese trainer for showing gross insubordination to both board members and management.

Hearts will be appointing a local coach by the close of the week as a pending letter awaits Yatsuhashi, a source told Starr Sports.


Dreams FC sign Abeiku Ainooson on loan

Abeiku AinoosonAbeiku Ainooson

Kotoko have confirmed defender Abeiku Ainooson has joined Dreams FC on a short-term loan deal.

Ainooson has joined the Premier League debutant till the end of the season.

The strong centre-back has returned to his native Ghana after Sudanese side Al
Hilal terminated his contract.

The capture of the 25-year is expected to aid the side’s Premier League survival this term.


Kotoko confirm signing of former striker Seidu Bancey

Seidu Bancey GhanaSeidu Bancey

Asante Kotoko have confirmed the return of former striker Seidu Bancey.

Bancey, 26, completed a two-year deal to the Porcupine Warriors on the transfer day deadline on Monday night.

The attacker is staging a return to domestic top-flight after helping Kotoko to clinch the Ghana Premier League crown two seasons ago.

He signed a deal with Lebanese side Al-Nabi Shayth but terminated his contract after just six months.

The former Ebusua Dwarfs forward is expected to beef the side’s attack ahead of the second half of the campaign.


PLB excited with returnees in Ghana Premier League

Bekoe ScoreSekondi Hasaacas striker Eric Bekoe

Public Relations Officer of the Premier League Board, Tamimu Issah has praised the input of returnees in the Ghana Premier League.

The Local League has suffered a lot of criticism because of the rate at which footballers leave the country to go continue their careers in foreign countries.

Ghanaian players are spread all across the globe even though some struggle for playing time out there.

However, the trend seem to be reversing as most of the players are now returning back home. Saddick Adams of Berekum Chelsea, Yahaya Mohammed of Aduana and Sam Yeboah are but a few to mention.

Speaking on Uniq FM, an Accra-based radio station, Tamimu said,” there have been some former foreign based players that have returned home and are really contributing to the excitement.

“You can talk of Yahaya Mohammed of Aduana, Saddick Adams of Chelsea and Sam Yeboah of Hearts and others; these are quality players and well experienced players, they have a learnt a lot outside there, they are back here and are really playing well.”


Andre Ayew bemoans lack of interest in Black Stars games

Andre Ayew1 CampAndre Ayew

Ghana deputy skipper Andre Ayew says he has been losing sleep over the recent lack of interest in the national team especially when they are playing at home.

Ayew will lead the team in the absence of Asamoah Gyan as the Stars aim to secure qualification to the Africa Cup of Nations to be staged in Gabon next year.

The Black Stars in the past recorded huge numbers everywhere they played but there has been a sharp contrast since Ghana’s chaotic world cup campaign that was highlighted with government flying money to pay disgruntled players.

26-year-old Andre Ayew who is just coming off a stellar season with Swansea City in England where he scored 12 goals says he was sad when the Hearts-Kotoko game recorded numbers mightier than the Ghana-Mozambique game played in Accra.

“This past one and a half year its been difficult between the Black Stars and fans and we have to be honest,” Ayew told the media

“For me as a leader and with other leaders and my colleagues its very painful.”

“When we played against Mozambique the stadium wasn’t full but when Hearts of Oak played Kotoko i was in France but i saw the stadium was full its painful.”

“I have to be honest Ghanaians want us to win and we have been wining but we still don’t feel the support.”

“There are different issues that are true or falls but i am just pleading that we all put things behind us and move on and that they should support us in prayers.”

Ayew will be hoping that an emphatic victory against Mauritius on Sunday will go a long way in healing the wounds.


David Accam to launch Kumasi Right to Dream Academy

David Accam TrainingDavid Accam

Chicago Fire star David Accam has arrived in Kumasi for the official opening of the Right to Dream Academy in the Garden City.

He will open the “David Accam Community Pitch” at the Enas Hybrid School in Kumasi.

The Chicago Fire striker after successfully passing through the academy system has decided to give back to society by funding the community pitch.

Right to Dream in their attempt to spot and develop football talents in Ghana have set up an Academy in Kumasi.

Soccer News of Tuesday, 31 May 2016


AFCON qualifier: Ghana has upper hand – Ayew

Andre Ayew USAAndre Ayew

Ghana is the better side if they give their 100 per cent going into the last 2017 African Cup of Nations qualifier against Mauritius on Sunday June 5, deputy captain of the Black Stars Andre Ayew has said.

The senior national team held its first training session at the Accra Sports Stadium on Monday afternoon ahead of the trip to Mauritius for the 2017 AFCON qualifying match.

Eighteen players reported for Monday’s training session.

Speaking to Class Sports, Ayew, who will captain the team in the absence of substantive captain Asamoah Gyan, said the team was focused and determined to qualify for Gabon 2017.

“I have done the job a lot of times in the past and it will happen again, so what is important is that we try to keep the unity in camp. Be focused, we don’t want to put any pressure on ourselves, [we will] take our time and play our game. We know we are the better side if we give our 100 per cent. But we do not have to underrate Mauritius and do what we know to do best, that is, score the goals, get the three points, and prepare for Gabon,” he said.

The Swansea City playmaker expressed satisfaction with the performance of the new players called into the team.

Ayew said: “It is good but we don’t have too many new boys because most of them have come before, and I think they are coping very well. There are young guys coming in and most of them are playing in Europe and the local ones who have joined the team are also doing very well. It is good and hopefully they continue like that, because the better players we get, the better the team becomes.”

The Black Stars will hold two training sessions on Tuesday May 31 before they travel to Port Louis on Wednesday June 1 for the game which will be played on Sunday at the Stade George.

Ghana is leading Group H with 10 points and a draw in Mauritius will seal their place at next year’s AFCON in Gabon.


Michael Osei expects Kotoko improvement after break

Asante Kotoko Players CelebrateAsante Kotoko players

Asante Kotoko interim coach Michael Osei expects the three week rest period in the first half of the Ghana Premier League will only empower his team.

The Porcupine Warriors recovered from a slow start that saw then head coach David Duncan asked to step aside to finish second in the Ghana Premier League.

But having recovered from a slow start to gain momentum Michael Osei says they will move from strength to strength.

“Well the rest will be good for us because it will allow the players to rest,” Michael Osei told Asante Kotoko express

“We have to all ensure that we return in good shape and do all we can to fight for every title.”

Kotoko finished the season on second position after a falling to a lowly 16th after match day six.


Juventus ready to offer Kwadwo Asamoah to AS Roma

Juventus Kwadwo Asamoah ReturnGhana and Juventus midfielder Kwadwo Asamoah

Juventus midfielder Kwadwo Asamoah could be involved in a switch deal for AS Roma’s Miralem Pjanic, La Gazzetta dello Sport has reported.

The Ghanaian international is said to be one of the players being considered by the Italian giants as a swap for the Bosnian international (Pjanic).

Pjanic has emerged as a transfer target for the Italian Champions who are ready to splash a whopping €35million along with an exchange of Simone Zaza, Roberto Pereyra, or Kwadwo Asamoah.

Asamoah did not have the best of season at Juventus due to his troubled knee injuries which kept him out in most part of the season.

The 27-year-old who was able to make only 11 appearances is also said to be on the radar of English giants Chelsea.

The former Udinese star was excluded from Ghana’s 23-man squad for the upcoming Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Mauritius.



GFA spokesperson calls on Police to arrest & prosecute hooligans


Planners GFA Arrest Hooligans“We are holding the teams responsible but we also now need to arrest the individuals”.

Ghana FA spokesperson Ibrahim Sannie-Daara has charged the Police to arrest and prosecute hooligans at various match centers.

Despite the National women’s league having its fair share of crowd misconduct, the GN Bank Division One league has seen a number of violent attacks leading to gunshot injuries sustained by Coach of Tamale Utrecht Abdul Raheed in their game against Berlin FC.

Referee Sampson Azumah had his shirt soaked with his own blood after he was attacked by fans in the game between King Solomon and Great Olympics as well as the recent unfortunate beating of Elmina Sharks Coach Kobina Amissah by fans of Proud United leading to the proposed suspension of Division One League sponsorship by GN Bank owner Papa Kwesi Nduom.

These several act of misconduct by fans of the beautiful game of football propelled Saanie Darra who in an exclusive interview with called on the Ghana Police to arrest and prosecute the perpetrators.

“We have done a lot to curb hooliganism in our football. We have banned venues and teams for ten matches and over and I think we need to go for the second move now. The second move being that the Police arrest and prosecute perpetrators of violence at our stadia.

“We are holding the teams responsible but we also now need to arrest the individuals and put them before the law court to send a resounding message to others.”

The Ghana Football Association’s Disciplinary Committee is however yet to sit and rule on the recent unfortunate incident which occurred at the home grounds of Proud United who proudly beat up the Coach of Elmina Sharks Kobina Amissah.

Sports News of Monday, 30 May 2016


Avram Grant linked to Reading FC coaching job

Avram Grant Coach GhanaAvram Grant

Ghana coach Avram Grant has been linked to the vacant coaching position English Championship side Reading FC.

The former Chelsea and Portsmouth manager has a close association with agents Pini Zahavi and Kia Joorabchian, who deal with Pairoj Piempongsant – the man who runs the club for the Thai owners.

Both were regularly spotted at Reading games last season and with Grant – who is currently in charge of the Black Stars – announcing he will return to club management next season, he is sure to be one of the frontrunners to succeed Brian McDermott.

Having sacked Brian McDermott, Reading FC are now on the look out for their fourth manager in just 18 months.

Grant who has a contract with Ghana to 2017 January is currently preparing his team for an Afcon 2017 qualifier against Mauritius next week.

Sports News of Monday, 30 May 2016


2016 FIFA U17: Maidens draw USA, Paraguay and Japan

Black Maidens U17Ghana U17 female team Black Maidens

Ghana U17 female team have drawn USA, Paraguay and Japan for the 2016 FIFA U17 Women’s World Cup.

The draw took place at the Al-Hussein Cultural Centre in central Amman, on the evening of Monday 30 May.

The Black Maidens qualified with a 10-0 aggregate win over Morocco.

The match will be played from 30 September to 21 October.
Group A: Jordan, Spain, Mexico, New Zealand

Group B: Venezuela, Germany, Cameroon, Canada

The Groups

Group C: Nigeria, Brazil, England, Korea DPR

Group D: USA, Paraguay, Ghana, Japan


Grant intensifies training ahead of Mauritius clash

Avram Grant Coach Ghana1Black Stars head coach Avram Grant

Ghana Black Stars head coach Avram Grant took charge of his first training session session ahead of the Mauritius clash with a total of 18 players at the Accra Sports Stadium.

Leicester City defender Daniel Amartey, Sassuola midfielder Alfred Duncan, goalkeeper Razak Braimah, South Africa based defender Edwin Gyimah and Champions League finalist Thomas Partey were the players that were absent.

U.S based defender Harrison Afull and England based Jeffrey Schlupp who arrived in the country this morning all took part in the heated training session.

Stand-in skipper Andre Ayew and his brother Jordan Ayew alongside Chelsea defender Baba Rahma all looked heavily involved in the training session.

Italy based Emmanuel Agyemang Badu and Afriyie Acquah and pacey winger Frank Acheampong were also present.

Home based goalkeepers Richard Ofori and Fatau Dauda were complimented by WAFA midfielder Samuel Tetteh and Kadiri Mohammed.


Sports ministry pressured to fix Essipong stadium

Nii Lantey Vanderpuye Is Ghana's Sports MinisterNii Lantey Vanderpuye is Ghana’s sports minister

Ghana’s sports ministry are under mounting pressure to fix the Essipong stadium in Sekondi ahead of Medeama’s participation in the CAF Confederation Cup group stages.

The venue could be passed unfit to host the continental matches due to the current state of the facility.

Electricity supply to the venue has been cut off for more than a year amid several teething problems confronting the facility.

The media centre, mixed zone and places of convenience are in shambolic state with no internet connection at the facility.

The continent’s governing body, CAF, has warned the stadium will not be allowed to host the continental matches if the venue is not fixed in time.

Pressure is mounting on the sports ministry to get the venue in top shape ahead of the side’s home game against Algerian side MO Bejaia on June 29.

Several Takoradi fans are seething with rage over the lackadaisical approach from officials amid fears the venue may not be ready in time for the start of the competition.

The newly-constructed Cape Coast stadium is being mooted as a possible destination for the Mauve and Yellows should effort to get the venue fixed fall on deaf ears.

Sports minister Edwin Nii Lante Vanderpuye has promised his outfit will offer unflinching support to the side ahead of their debut campaign in the group stage.

The two-time Ghanaian FA Cup holders have enjoyed tremendous support in Sekondi-Takoradi since the start of the competition, where the side has chalked wins over Al Ittihad (Libya), Al Shendi (Sudan) and Mamelodi Sundowns (South Africa).


New Edubiase financial woes deepens, players sleep in classroom

New Edubiase FC45New Edubiase New Edubiase FC players

New Edubiase’s financial crisis deepened after players slept in a dilapidated classroom during their Premier League defeat at Medeama on Sunday, can reveal.

Edubiase, who are in serious financial quagmire, could not afford a hotel and had to sleep in the Roman Catholic school classroom, near the Tarkwa and Aboso Park on Saturday.

The crisis in the club has escalated amid widespread fear the struggling side will suffer relegation this season.

Players are owed salaries and bonuses running into several months, forcing the club to withdraw from the league on Friday.

The Bekwai-based side only backtracked 24 hours before the clash as they made the trip to Tarkwa to face Medeama.

Bankruptcy is on the horizon for Abdul Salam Yakubu’s side as the struggle to pay off staff.

The Movers suffered a 2-0 defeat at Medeama to remain rock-bottom in the Ghanaian top-flight this season.

Soccer News of Thursday, 26 May 2016


John Paintsil on bail but facing assault charge; but…

Paintsil SadEx-Ghana defender John Paintsil

Ex-Ghana defender John Paintsil was granted bail on Wednesday night after spending close to 24 hours in police cells for beating up a district police commander.

Paintsil was detained at the East Legon Police Station on Tuesday night for the assault on the commander.

The East Legon police invited him over a complaint by his wife that he had stolen his vehicle.

But the former Fulham player became angry during interrogation and hit the district police commander and the investigator.

He has been charged with assault and but the courts in Ghana on strike, the shamed defender can push for an out-of-court settlement.


My father inspires me – Dede Ayew

Dede Abedi BBC Trophy 2011Dede Ayew with his father, Abedi Ayew Pele

Ghanaian ace Andre Ayew says he draws much inspiration from his Dad Abedi Ayew Pele.

The Swansea City star has been one of the most recognized Ghanaian players in Europe after a tremendous season with the English Premier League Club.

Ayew finished the season as the top scorer in the Club with 12 goals.

The Black Stars deputy skipper seemed to draw much inspiration and motivation from his father who doubles as his agent.

“When you are lucky to have a dad like that, you try to learn from him and take his advice,” smiles Ayew during his first interview with Jack Magazine.

“He was a great player – three times Africa’s best – and won the Champions League as well as all the other trophies that exist.”

“I ask him for advice because he is somebody who knows football very well, but when I was younger he never pushed me to play,” admits Ayew.

“When we were younger, he didn’t really want us to play football. He wanted us to focus on school and education and to make sure we had respect for people when we were growing up. Those were his priorities.”

Abedi Pele is regarded as one of the greatest Footballers on the African continent having won the African Footballer of the year on three occasions.

He also won the UEFA Champions League title with Olympique Marseille.


John Painstil did not beat up police officer – Paintsil’s sister Tina

Paintsil 08Ex- Ghanaian defender John Paintsil

Sister of beleaguered John Paintsil has revealed the ex-Ghana international’s detention was not as a result of beating up a policeman but because of a car theft issues

Tina Painstil claims the former Fulham player’s failure to report at the East Legon Police with an alleged stolen car led to him being put behind bars.

Paintsil is alleged to have punched DSP Basintale in the face during interrogation after his wife had reported him to the police on Tuesday May 24 for allegedly stealing her car.

But Tina says the media reports are false.

“All the cars in the house belong to John Paintsil. The police officer interrogating him said John should have reported to the station with the car, and for not bringing the car, he would not be allowed to leave the station. So, he was asked to call someone to bring the car before he would be allowed to leave,” she told host of Accra FM’s morning show Chief Jerry Forson.

“John handed over the document to the police officers and decided to leave and come back with the car the next day, but the officer held his shirt to prevent him from leaving. John only pulled himself free; he did not assault the officer, and he was detained by the police because he did not report to the station with the car.

“The said car belongs to my brother. He bought it with his own money on his birthday and that is not the only car he has.

“He had a white Infinity; the wife hid the car and told the husband the car was missing. She only returned the car after John had reported the car missing. She sold the car later, after her husband had left the country.”


Maxwell Konadu advises Medeama

New MdscTeam Medeama SC

Black Stars assistant coach Maxwell Konadu will need some remedial amount of work on scouting and intensify preparations for their CAF Confederation Cup campaign.

The Tarkwa-based will face former African champions TP Mazembe, newly-crowned Tanzanian champions Young Africans and MO Bejaia.

It looks like a tough draw for the debutants and many doubt if they can progress from the Group stage.

But Konadu believes they can defy the odds if they invest in knowing more about their opponents and remain focused.

“I have seen their group and obviously it a tough group. Medeama SC have to do their homework really well and it the time they need to deploy some scouting officials to do the work ahead of time so they can see the exact system and formation to play against any team before they start the competition properly,” Konadu told Asempa Sports.

“They shouldn’t joke with this group because these are high profile teams that will punish you if you fail to prepare very well.

“You will fail to progress to the next stage of the competition and so they need to intensify their homework very well including scouting and other video works and I know the coach will work very well on that.”


Playing in the EPL is my biggest challenge – Andre Ayew

DD AySwansea City attacking midfielder Andre Ayew

Swansea City attacking midfielder Andre Ayew has says playing in the English Premier League has been his biggest challenge.

Ayew joined Swansea City after 11 years at French Club Olympique Marseille.

The Ghanaian international made a surprise move to the Walsh Club despite interest from some top European outfits.

The 26-year-old who had a fruitless first season at Swansea City after finishing as the top scorer for the Club and also winning the Barclays Premier League player of the month award says playing in the Premier League has been his biggest challenge despite featuring in big competition such as the World Cup and Cup of Nations.

“I learnt a lot from playing in big competitions,” he adds. “I was under a lot of pressure from an early age, but thanks to God I managed to come through that to make me become a better person and a better player,” he told Swansea City’s officials website.

“But for me the biggest challenge is to make it in the Premier League. I think this is the best league, and I wanted to come and play with and against the best players.

“Hopefully my experiences can help Swansea now, but there are also guys here with a lot of experience of the Premier League, which I don’t have.

“We will try to help each other and blend our experiences to hopefully achieve some great things together.”

The former BBC African footballer of the year award winner was used mostly as a force striker at Swansea City.

He has reportedly been linked with a move away from the Club after just one season at the Liberty Stadium.

Soccer News of Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Liberty will take advantage of the empty stadium to punish Hearts

Latif LibertyLiberty Professionals player Latif Blessing

Liberty Professionals deputy coach Felix Aboagye says his charges will take advantage of the empty Accra Sports Stadium to punish Hearts.

Hearts are currently serving a two-match behind-closed-doors ban and the liberty trainer thinks it’s an advantage for the Dansoman lads.

“We don’t have any challenge without fans at the stadium. Their supporters are not coming so they will rather be affected.

“We will take advantage of the empty stadium to punish them because we have a psychological advantage,” Felix Aboagye said.

Hearts were handed the ban after their fans threw missiles at match officials during and after their 1-3 loss to Wa All Stars at the Accra Sports Stadium.

The Phobians played their last home match with Hasaacas behind closed doors and will be playing Liberty on Thursday in a similar situation.


€100,000 and Saddick Adams is yours – Chelsea tells suitors

Saddick Adams PricedSaddick Adams has been in red-hot form for the Berekum based club.

Chief Operating Officer (CEO) OF Berekum Chelsea, Obed Nana Kwame Nketiah, has confirmed the club has replied suitors of striker Saddick Adams with the asking price to meet to secure the services of their star man.

Nketiah made this known in a radio interview with Kumasi-based Boss FM

Adams, since his return to the Ghana Premier League from unsuccessful stints abroad, has been in red-hot form for the Berekum based club.

This has not gone unnoticed with notably Ghana’s two biggest clubs – Kumasi Asante Kotoko and Hearts of Oak sniffing at the possibility of signing the former Ghana U20 forward.

Nana Nketiah told Boss FM, “the price tag for Adams is not what the media has been circulating around as that amount is way below the value of our prized asset.

Saddick is valued at €100,000 and not Ghc100,000 as that amount would have been met by some clubs long ago.”

“Saddick Adams at the moment is Euro bound as the summer transfer window is set to open in June and Ghanaian clubs will have to compete with the foreign interest in him (Adams) and whoever meets the asking price that is fine.”


Dauda Mohammed not for sale – Kotoko

Dauda MohammedDauda Mohammed

Asante Kotoko have Managers of Kotoko have stated categorically told suitors, particularly Dreams FC that striker Dauda Mohammed is not for sale to any club in Ghana.

The Porcupine Warriors are targeting to sell their precious asset to European clubs.

Last week, Dreams FC Executive Chairman Kurt Okraku reiterated their desire to sign the budding striker alongside Hearts of Oak gem Isaac Mensah.
But Kotoko have told Dreams FC they should forget about the Ghana U20 coach.

“We can’t and won’t sell Dauda Mohammed to any club in Ghana. We are not even thinking of that in the first place. He’s not for sale,” General Manager Opoku Nti told

“Let me however point out that, should we receive good offers for him from Europe for instance, why not, we will consider that.

“Let me be emphatic. Dauda Mohammed isn’t for sale. We are not thinking of that. Dreams FC might have done the right thing by officially writing to us and showing interest in the player. However our response to them was straightforward. The player isn’t for sale.”


Ex-Ghana international Sam Johnson’s wife dies

Sam Johnson FreshSam Johnson

Former Ghana international Sam Johnson’s wife is dead can report.

The sad event occurred at the Kolebu Teaching Hospital where she had been admitted.

The funeral will be taking place at Accra high Street near sempe mantse palace on the 4th of June 2016.

The now 42-year-old has over 25 caps for Ghana and enjoyed a stellar club career with Fenerbahce and Kayserispor all in Turkey.


Gyan ‘honoured’ by Messi’s compliments

Asamoah Gyan  WorldAsamoah Gyan

Ghana captain Asamoah Gyan is elated by plaudits from five-time Fifa Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi.

The Barcelona and Argentina superstar was earlier this month quoted to have revealed admiration for Gyan’s goal against Germany at the 2014 Fifa World Cup, touting the Shanghai SIPG frontman as “one of the greatest goal scorers he has ever seen”.

Gyan is currently in Ghana following an injury setback.

“I appreciate it,” Gyan told Starr FM.

“It is a good thing when sometimes you do things wholeheartedly but you may not see [that] somebody [may have been] watching you.

I was even surprised when I heard it. It is great motivation to me for a legend like Messi acknowledging my work.

“I am honoured, honestly. It will even boost my confidence to do more as a player that people look up to. I also look up to him. I appreciate.”

Currently all-time top scorer of the Black Stars with 48 goals, Gyan also stands as Africa’s highest goal scorer at the Fifa World Cup with six goals across three tournaments. He is also the historic scorer of Ghana’s first World Cup goal in Germany 2006.

Soccer News of Monday, 23 May 2016


Match officials suffer serious brutality in Division One league fixture

Bref 5File Photo

Match officials for the division one League match week 12 fixture between King Solomon and Great Olympics at the Kwawu Mpraso Park suffered a terrible brutality after fans descended on them for poor officiating.

Referee Sampson Azuma and his assistants Ismael Acquah and J.K Abora Abora were physically assaulted, as hooliganism in our local game is considered a serious offense that is gradually putting the game into disrepute.

According to reports Fans of the home team King Solomon allegedly poured their anger on the referees after the game had ended in favor of the visiting team.

The furious fans according to report blamed the referees for poor officiating resulting in their painful loss to Great Olympics.

The teeming supports allegedly threw objects at the officials which consequently saw assistant referee 2 J.K Abora Abora and center referee Ismael Acquah sustaining head injuries, and are currently receiving treatment in the hospital.

Disciplinary Committee of the Ghana Football Association are expected to take a decision on the barbaric scene at the Mpraso Park on Sunday.


Duncan reject Kotoko’s compensation

Dd RejectCoach David Duncan

The tussle between Kumasi Asante Kotoko and David Duncan is unending after a meeting for an agreement to part company hit rocks.

The management of the Porcupine Warriors tabled a proposal of five months salary to part ways with the former Great Olympics boss, but he rejected the offer.

According to sources, David Duncan told management he will rather ‘stay aside’ and earn his salary than take home five months salary out of his eight months contract left with the club.

David Duncan to was asked to step aside until further notice in March after a series of poor results. His contract will expire in eight months


You won’t return – Kotoko Management tells Duncan

Kot MgtThe management team of Kotoko

The management of Kumasi Asante Kotoko has told David Duncan point blank that he should ‘forget’ about returning to the bench of the team.

The management of the club met the former AshantiGold coach to negotiate an agreement to part ways after he was asked to step aside in March this year.

According to sources, Coach Duncan who has eight months left on his contract, was offered five months salary as compensation to leave the club by the management.

David Duncan rejected the offer and gave them two options: ‘reinstate me as the head coach or pay me my monthly salary’ until my contract expires.

Management, not mincing words told him to forget about sitting on the bench for the rest of the season. The meeting ended without an agreement.

There will be subsequent meetings, but it is unlikely both parties will reach an agreement anytime soon.


Sylvester Asare is new Bantamahene

Sa KotFormer Kotoko Boss Slyvester Asare Owusu

Former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kumasi Asante Kotoko, Slyvester Asare Owusu is the new Bantamahene.

His stool name is Baffour Owusu Amankwatia VI and succeeds Baffour Asare Owusu Amankwatia V who passed away in 2015.

The business magnate was confirmed to the high throne about an hour ago where he was introduced to the Ashanti King by the Kontre Division.

Reports in Manhyia say the new Chief has been accepted by Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.

He has now been ordered to be confined in a secret location for some days following which he would be outdoored to the public and coronation held for him to swear the oath of allegiance to the Ashanti King.

During this period, the new Chief will be thought the history and tradition of the office he is about to occupy.

Sylvester Asare is a business magnate in the Ashanti region and owns a number of businesses including Silvercrest and is regarded as one of the wealthiest men in the former Garden City.

Sports News of Saturday, 21 May 2016


Chelsea to pay 25m Euros for Kwadwo Asamoah’s signature

Kwadwo Asamoah Ghana MidfielderKwadwo Asamoah

Chelsea football club have been asked to play 25 million Euros if they want to prize Kwadwo Asamoah away from Italian giants Juventus.

Ghanaian versatile midfielder Kwadwo Asamoah has emerged as a top summer target for English Premiership side Chelsea according to reports coming from Italy.

Despite being plagued by a variety of injuries over the past two seasons Chelsea’s incoming coach Antonio Conte, who worked with Asamoah during his stint with the Turin-based club is interested in reuniting with him.

Conte, who is currently in charge of the Italian national side ahead of the Euros in France, will take full control after the tournament.

He has requested for the services of Asamoah, who according to reports from Football Italia will cost Chelsea between 20-25 million euros. Asamoah has played 736 minutes for the Scudetto winners since returning from injury and has created 13 chances along the way.


Kotoko’s Evans Quao major doubt for Inter Allies game

Quao KotEvans Quao

Kotoko defender Evans Quao is a major doubt for his side’s Premier League game against Inter Allies after he picked an injury during Friday’s training session.

The strong centre-back pulled out of the session after he picked up what appears a serious knock.

It does appear the former Kotoko defender may not recover in time ahead of the clash against Inter Allies at the Baba Yara stadium on Sunday.

The Porcupine Warriors are on the rise after patchy start to the season.

Michael Osei’s troops managed a narrow 1-0 win at Bechem United last Sunday to move up to fourth on the table


Preview: Aduana Stars vs Hearts of Oak

Aduana Stars RepAduana Stars

Second-placed Aduana Stars will ascend to the summit of the table if they beat leaders Hearts of Oak at home on Sunday.

It has been tagged the battle of supremacy at the Nana Agyemang Badu Park as two points separate the two sides.

Both teams recorded 1-0 victories in their respective matches on Wednesday.

Aduana Stars have their eyes on a sixth straight win for the first time in the club’s history.

Celestine Dampten remains the only injured player in the Stars’ set-up.

The Phobians will retain their top spot if they win or draw at Dormaa on Sunday.

Hearts of Oak are travelling without doubtful trio Richard Yamoah, Isaac Oduro and Thomas Abbey.

Midfielder dynamo Samudeen Ibrahim still waiting to feature for the Phobians again since returning from a lengthy lay off.

Experienced goalkeeper AbdoulayeSoulama will miss the Dormaa trip due to suspension.


Head to Head

Total matches played = 12

Aduana Stars wins = 2

Drawn wins = 5

Hearts of Oak wins = 5

*Aduana Stars have won all of their last five premier league matches.

They lost only once in their last nine.

(W7 D1 L1)

*Hearts of Oak have lost just two of their last seven matches in the premier league.

(W3 D2 L2)

*Aduana Stars have beaten all of their last five opponents at home in the premiership.

They have lost only once at home this season.

(W5 D0 L1)

*Hearts of Oak are unbeaten in their last nine away premier league fixtures.

They have won three out of five this term.

(W5 D4 L0)

*Aduana Stars have won just one of their last eleven matches against Hearts of Oak in the league.

(W1 D5 L5)

*Hearts of Oak have lost just twice in all their visits to Aduana Stars in the premiership.

(P6 W2 D2 L2)

*Aduana Stars have scored eleven goals in their last three home games.

They have conceded just once at home this season.

*Hearts of Oak have managed to keep seven clean sheets out of their last nine away fixtures in the premier league.


FIFA U-20 Women World Cup: Ghana drawn in Group C


Ghana PrincessesFile photo

Ghana’s women U-20 football team, the Black Princesses, face France, USA and New Zealand in Group C at this year’s FIFA U-20 Women World Cup in Papua New Guinea.

Ghana was drawn Group C of the tournament after a draw was held.

The tournament which is slated for November 13 to December 3 will see the Princesses join their opponents as they look forward to making it to the knockout stages of the competition.

In the other draws, host nation Papua Nee Guinea will engage Brazil, Korea DPR and Sweden in Group A while fellow African side Nigeria will lock horns with Spain, Canada and Japan.

In Group D, Germany will play Mexico, Venezuela and Korea Republic.

Soccer News of Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Kotoko-Duncan agree compensation package

David Duncan NewCoach David Duncan can confirm that Kumasi Asante Kotoko are all but done with a compensation package for their suspended head coach, David Duncan.

Duncan endured a frustrating full season at the club, leading to the decision by the management to suspend him ‘indefinitely’ following the side’s unflattering 2015/16 Premier League campaign.

The ex-Hearts coach’s bad spell was compounded when after his suspension was officially publicised, he refused to accept the decision and attended training at the Adako Jachie base only to be swerved as the team trained under his assistant, Michael Osei at the Baba Yara Stadium.

The source revealed to that, the board and management have been holding a series of meetings with Duncan’s representatives on an appropriate compensation and the last meeting appeared to be the most successful.

With the dust finally settling, it all but confirms Duncan’s official departure from Kotoko who appear to have found their form and consistency with just one defeat since Duncan was relieved off his post.


Berekum Chelsea wants GHC 150,000 for Saddick Adams

Chelsea captain Saddick Adams

Berekum Chelsea has reportedly placed a GHC 150,000 price tag on talisman Saddick Adams.

Adams has been a target for several Premier League Clubs including Asante Kotoko, Hearts of Oak and Aduana Stars.

The former Ghana U17 goal poacher is currently third on the goal king chart with 7 goals in 10 matches.

The 25-year-old has however attracted massive interest from the Clubs who are eager to secure the signature of the prolific attacker.

Aduana Stars CEO Albert Yahaya Commey has already confirmed his outfit’s attempt to sign the player before the second transfer window comes to a close.

Chelsea are however reported to be demanding a whopping GHC 150,000 before releasing their star man.

The former Ghanaian Champions signed the player who returned from Asia prior to the start of the season.


Sarpong paid his dues – Dwarfs

Shapiro Gh.jpegCoach Joseph E. Sarpong

Despite ending their relationship the veteran coach Joseph E. Sarpong abruptly, Ebusua Dwarfs have praised the output of the coach.

Sarpong, who qualified the team to the Premier League, was relieved off his post last week after a rather poor start to the season which saw the Cape Coast-based side languishing at the bottom of the league log.

The Board and Management after a meeting last Monday parted ways with Coach Sarpong, and brought on Prosper Nartey, a lecturer at the University of Cape Coast.

“Football is dynamic and changes might come from every corner of its administration,” Technical Director of the club, John Ansah said.

“The technical head, if he has been replaced, tells you that things are not going the way Management and the Board expect it to go,” he added.

“But I won’t take anything from Coach Sarpong, he has done his bit but in marriage it gets to a point you cannot even continue the marriage, you are better off being separated, we have gotten somewhere and then he can also look out for new challenges,” he said.


I will never play for Medeama again – Anorbaah


Anorbah GhTheophilus Anorbaah

The frosty relationship between Ghana Premier League (GPL) side, Medeama SC and Theophilus Anorbaah that ensued in 2014 continue to have an effect on the player.

The former AshantiGold SC nimble footed player joined the Tarkwa-based Medeama SC in May 2011.

He helped the Mauve and Yellow to lift the MTN FA Cup after beating Asante Kotoko 1–0 in the final, but left the club after a war of words with the management.

Anorbaah’s father said his son will rather be a ‘farmer’ if there is no club to sign him, and Moses Armah Parker replied with a sucker punch.

The former MTN FA Cup champion returned to Ghana and he’s been linked with numerous clubs in the domestic league, but he has ruled out a potential return to Medeama.

“The truth be told. I will never play for Medeama SC. Never!” Anorbaah told Kumasi based radio station, Metro FM.

“I have never thought of Medeama SC and I don’t think I will ever consider returning to the club,” he said.


Sam Allardyce hopes £10m offer can snatch Andre Ayew

Dede HailsDede Ayew

Sunderland manager Sam Allardyce is ready to offer around £10 million to sign Swansea star Andre Ayew.

This will be a second attempt by the Black Cats boss as he seeks to fortify his ranks for next season.

Sunderland had offers turned down for the 26-year-old in the January window.

But they have more money to invest after dodging relegation.

Ayew’s salary will not be a problem either as Allardyce looks to build on his successful start.

West Ham are also keen on Ayew who they just failed to land when he came from France.

But Sunderland are making the first real move.

Soccer News of Monday, 16 May 2016


I never planned to remove GFA boss from office – Sports Minister

Nii Lantey OlympicsSports Minister Nii Lante Vanderpuye

Sports Minister Nii Lantey Vanderpuye has denied ever playing a role to forcibly remove GFA Kwesi Nyantakyi from office during Professor J.E Atta Mills reign as Ghana President.

There were allegations that Vanderpuye wanted to use his affiliation with the ruling party National Democratic Congress to antagonize the FA.

But the Member of Parliament for the Odododiodio constituency denied the allegations.

“It is not true. I remember very well under Professor Mills, what I advocated for as far as the GFA is concerned was a Public Interest Committee,” Vanderpuye told GTV Sports Plus.

“What I advocated for is under FIFA and the International Olympic Committee has also advocated for it.

“I advocated for the Public Interest Committee because if we give someone public purse to run football, the public must have the right to know how that money is being utilised.

“That’s the only problem I had with the FA because I was insisting that the body is put in place.

“We had a long battle but finally it was agreed. Nyantakyi has not done anything to me. We’ve never had any problem, so why would I have a problem with Nyantakyi.

“I don’t care who the GFA President is. Provided football is going on well. Who head the FA doesn’t change anything of mine.”

Vanderpuye was appointed in February this year to replace Dr. Mustapha Ahmed.

He was a former employee of the state-owned Ghana Broadcasting Corporation as a Sports Broadcaster.


Don’t expect medals at Rio Olympics – Prof. Dodoo

Prof Francis Dodoo Atletics GhanaGAA president Prof. Francis Dodoo

The president of the Ghana Athletics Association (GAA), Professor Francis Dodoo, says it is unfair for Ghanaians to expect medals from athletes at the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil because the nation has failed to invest in their preparations.

According to Prof. Dodoo, who doubles as the president of the Ghana Olympic Committee, his outfit (GAA) since 2013 has received only GH¢ 10,000 from the National Sports Authority (NSA) for athlete development while athletes who competed at the 2014 African Championships have still not received their per diem despite winning 14 medals.

“I don’t put pressure on my athletes because I don’t think anybody wants to win medals more than the athletes themselves. So, they are already putting pressure on themselves and it is unnecessary for us to pile on the pressure,” Prof Dodoo told the Graphic Sports on the sidelines of a Circuit Championship in Accra last Saturday.

“The other thing that bugs me all the time, is the extent to which journalists and athletic fans put pressure on athletes.

“We haven’t invested anything this year, we haven’t given our athletes money to go to camp and yet we have the moral authority to say they should win medals.

We are going to the African Championships in six weeks, the likelihood is that the National Sports Authority won’t give us money to go and compete but I guarantee you that none of the athletes will complain about that, then who are you to come and say you are expecting medals?, he asked.

Prof. Dodoo stated that given the lack of financial assistance, such lofty expectations were unfair to the athletes who from the state deserved encouragement from all Ghanaians.


Inter Allies sign striker Isaac Osae

Inter AlliesInter Allies

Inter Allies FC is delighted to announce the signing of forward Isaac Osae on a free transfer.

The former Ghana U20 striker will commence training with new teammates today.
“It’s a great opportunity to be here and I hope to make the most of being at such an interesting club,” Osae told

Osae was previously at Saudi Arabian top-flight side Al-Orubah and has also had spells in the Ghana Premier League with Heart of Lions and and lower tier side Rehoboth FC.

Vice President Delali Eric Senaye also said: “Having Osae in our club is a great news and we hope he will bring his talent to compliment the effort of our players.”

He has also featured for the national U20 (Black Satellites) and the national U23 (Black Meteors.


Medeama’s away goal great headache – Pitso

Sundowns Coach  Pitso MosimaneMamelodi Sundowns coach – Pitso Mosimane.

The head coach of Mamelodi Sundowns Pitso Mosimane says the away goal scored by Medeama SC in South Africa is a great headache for his side.

Medeama took the lead under a minute in the first leg only for the PSL champions to make a huge comeback to win the game 3-1.

But the head coach of the Bafana Bastyle insists the only goal scored by Medeama gives him sleepless nights ahead of the second leg.

“Medeama had a goal in South Africa and that is a great headache to us,” he said.

“That away goal is a great advantage for them. They will try to make good use of it in the second leg and that is a problem.

“If the first leg had ended without Medeama having a goal, it would have been different.”

He however assured that his boys are prepared for the game.

“It is difficult but my boys are ready for the job,” he stressed.

Sports News of Saturday, 14 May 2016


David Atanga scores 10th goal of the season in Austria

David Atanga StarletFile photo

Ghana youth international David Atanga has reached 10 goals in the Austrian second-tier league after striking for Liefering in their 2-2 pulsating stalemate with Austria Lustenau on Friday evening.

The 19-year-old struck in the 10th minute at the Untersberg-Arena to cushion the lead for Liefering. The goal is a highlight of his impressive form for Liefering who are Red Bull Salzburg’s second string side.

Atanga was hugely influential as Liefering won the ball at the half of the opponent and he then ran from the right side to the middle of the pitch and through between both central defenders to claim a pass, took a sublime touch before instinctively find the right side of the net.

The strike drew applauds from the home fans as well as the Liefering technical team who were highly impressed with the performance of the 2015 Ghana U20 FIFA World Cup star.

Ghana defender Isaac Vorsah returned from injury to play his second game of the season for Liefering, lasting 56 minutes for the home side.

Attacker Raphael Dwamena also started the game and lasted until the 79th minute. But goalkeeper Lawrence Ati-Zigi was not in the Liefering squad for the game.

Dwamena is tipped to quit Liefering at the end of the season.


GFA to get US$ 5m FIFA cash for projects and women’s football

GFA NyantakyiFile photo

The Ghana Football Association will benefit from a US$ 5 million financial package from FIFA for a four-year cycle.

This was after the world’s football government significantly increased financial support for each association from US$ 1.6 million.

The Ghana FA will have access to US$ 750,000 per year for football projects such as pitches, competitions and women’s football.

This a huge boost for the National Women’s League which has been sponsorless since its inception.

Also, there will be US$ 500,000 a-year for running costs in areas including administration and governance at the FA.


Shadrach Eghan fighting to recapture his pitch sorcery in Norway

Shadrach Eghan FreshShadrach Eghan

Early rise to stardom is truly challenging for youngsters and the tension of keeping up to mass expectations is demand of a butcher’s price.

The heartbreak of injuries and frustrations of limited playing time and the managerial alterations may introduce twist and turns in a young player’s career path.

At the tender age of 18 Shadrach Eghan had struck the limelight and was the toast of every fan at Enschede, blessing their eyes with heart-feeling artistry and glistening displaying at the De Grolsch Veste.

Blighted by injuries and documentation issues, vastly publicised in the Dutch media Eghan was left to rediscover himself as he went in search of real balance.

The Akosombo-born left Twente to join Stabaek before the start of the season in Norway, joining Ghanaian duo of Ernest Asante and Kamal Issah at the club. The duo have helped in his adapting to his new environment.

“Well the environment hasn’t really change my football. Football is a universal language and I think I’m playing the same kind of football I use to play. Just that the kind of football they play is quite different from where I played. A lot of long balls.”

Compared to what he did three seasons ago, warming the bench and playing second fiddle has not been part of Eghan’s chemistry. In 2013 he was a regular component of Steve McClaren’s symphony at Twente but is currently wrangling for playing time at Stabaek. As the 21-year-old seeks to improve his game statistics while on loan he remains confident of upping his game numbers.

“Yes I believe things are going to change sooner or later because I feel there is a kind of improvement game after game. So I’m very sure things will turn around.”

Eghan arrived at Stabaek via a trial spell in Belgium with Westerlo. Though the proposed move to the Antwerp side hit the snag he had an mental memento from the trials after training and playing alongside the Dutch-born Ghanaian defender Mitch Apau.

“Yes in Westerlo they bought the same kind of player like me. That is why I could not sign for them. I really had a good contact with Apau since he is also a Ghanaian. It made it more easy for me with to do the communication well.”

In December 2015, reports from the Dutch press carried largely by the Ghanaian media, claiming the Dutch FA had refused to renew the work permit of the young midfielder. Some section of the Dutch media reported Twente had been exposed to have gotten involved in a shady deal while signing the youngster from Swedish side Malmo FF. This in some part was reported to have affected his psychological make-up.

But Eghan insists most of the reports carried in the Dutch and Ghanaian media were falsified news, cooked up to attract audience.

“Most of the things they said weren’t true at all. I read that I was smuggled from Malmo FF to FC Twente – which is never true. They were all false reports put out there in the media. I wanted to quickly put all those issues behind me and start playing again and that was my main concern at the time.”

The facial expressed of serious denial gives way to a beaming smile as he talks about the nostalgic feeling of being the main-man of a team competing at the highest level of Dutch football. “As a teenager I really enjoyed my time in Twente. As you know things went so well and so fast and I am really happy that those moments have been part of my career as a footballer.”

Footballers across the world combine the sport with religion, placing their souls and beliefs in deities to carry their lucks in the game. And, Eghan is a strong Christian. “Indeed I’m a strong Christian and I believe I am where I am because of the Grace of Jehovah God.”

Growing up in Akosombo before being spotted by a talent hunter and shipped to Sweden, the young Eghan had a dream of becoming one of the best footballers in the world. At 18, Eghan was handed the opportunity to trial out in the Ghana U20 side that won Bronze at the FIFA U20 World Cup in Turkey. But he could not make the grades. “I wasn’t disappointed at all to miss out of the squad because I knew God’s time is the best best.


Rahman misses out to Ruben for Chelsea’s young player of the year award

Baba Rahman22Baba Rahman

Ghana defender Baba Rahman came behind English-U21 players Ruben Loftus-Cheek as the best young player for Chelsea football club.

Baba Rahman has played in 21 games in all competitions while Loftus-Cheek has managed just 18 in all competitions.

But the English youngster had majority of the votes with Baba Rahman coming second.

Rahman arrived at Chelsea last summer after a blistering season with Augsburg in the German league but initially struggled to adapt to the pace of the English League.

He has somewhat improved in the last few days and should make his 15th appearance of the season in the league when Chelsea take on newly crowned champions Leicester City in the final game of the season.


Sundowns coach Pitso Mosimane eyes Black Stars job

Pitso Mosimane NewPitso Mosimane

Mamelodi Sundowns coach Pitso Mosimane is interested in becoming Ghana coach in future.

The former Bafana Bafana trainer believes it will be an honour to coach a star-studded Black Stars side.

But admits that will be dependent of whether the Ghana Football Association will like to employ an indigenous or an African.

“It will be an honour to coach Ghana. Black Stars have big players and fortunately I know the players so maybe one day it would happen,” Mosimane told Goal.

“But I don’t know if they’re willing to look at local and African coaches to takeover.

“It is not very easy but I know they gave my friend Kwesi Appiah the chance and in my opinion he did very well.”

Mosimane has guided Sundowns to win a second Absa Premiership title in three years.

Sports News of Friday, 13 May 2016


Ghana to host Deaf Football Tourney June

Ghana Deaf Team CaptainGhana’s Deaf Team Captain receiving last year’s trophy

The Deaf Association of Ghana will next month host the rest of the West African sub region in the 6th edition of the West Africa football tournament.

Ghana’s team won last year’s edition in Togo after they defeated Nigeria 3-1 in the final.

The event which will come off at the Baba Yara Sports stadium from June 24 to July 9 will see countries like Togo, Liberia, Benin, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger all battling for the ultimate.

However, deputy sports minister Vincent Oppong Asamoah wants financial support for the hosting of the tournament

“This deaf team gave us gold, I don’t remember the last time we even had gold in any of the GFA ranked sports yet when they come for sponsorship you give them.

“I am therefore using this opportunity to appeal to GNPC, banks, all other corporate bodies to come in and support. They need about GHC 500,000 to enable them host a successful event,” he told Starr Sports.


Sammy Adjei craving for Hearts return

Sammy AdjeiSammy Adjei

Former Accra Hearts of Oak goalkeeper Sammy Adjei has reiterated his desire to stage a return to the Club.

The 35-year-old is has been inactive for the past three years since leaving the Club in 2013.

Adjei who last featured for the Rainbow Club have been keeping himself in shape with some personal training.

The ex- Club Africain and Ashdod shot-stopper is craving for a return to the former Ghanaian Champions.

“I have been keeping myself in shape, I have been training on my own, I am still active, I have spoken with some people at the Club that I want to come back,” he told Peace FM.

“So I am yet to hear from them, they have given me an assurance. Maybe in the second round I will be there.

The experience gloves-man hogged the headline in Africa after he tremendous performance with the Black Stars at the 2002 Africa Cup of Nations in Mali.

He also represented Ghana at the 2006 Nations Cup in Egypt as well as the FIFA World Cup in Germany.


Kotoko plan a move for Al Merreikh star Augustine Okrah

Okrah BestAl Merreikh attacking midfielder Augustine Okrah

Kotoko are plotting a sensational move for Al Merreikh attacking midfielder Augustine Okrah.

Okrah has two months left on his existing deal and has confirmed he will not renew his contract, the player’s representative Francis Addai has revealed.

The former Bechem United hugely talented midfielder is reported to be interested in a move to Kumasi with both parties expected to reach an agreement in the coming days.

“Augustine Okrah has two months left on his contract at Al Merreikh , he called me his club wanted to extend the contract but he told me because of the tension in Sudan he is not ready to renew his contract,” Addai told Kumasi-based FOX FM.

“He told me issues I cannot discuss on radio I understand him, his relationship with Al Merreikh is excellent but he has decided to part ways peacefully with the club.

“Officially Kotoko is the only club in Ghana who has officially enquired the services of the player and the player is willing to play for Kotoko. For now his team is in Tunisia preparing for a CAF Confederations cup game and when he returns to Sudan we will be putting final touches to the deal.”

The 23-year-old won the Goal king crown during the 2013/14 Premier League season.


Jordan Ayew becomes target of several EPL clubs

Jordan Ayew Aston Villa WildGhana international Jordan Ayew

Jordan Ayew is the target for several English Premier League for next season following the relegation of Aston Villa, agents close to the Ghana striker have told

Agents with strong connections in the English markets have told Ghana’s leading football news outfit Ayew is among the most sought after players as clubs prepare to bolster their squads.

At least four clubs are said to have expressed interest in the Ghana attacker who is not keen on playing in the English second tier next term.

This comes after his club Aston Villa were relegated from the top-flight in disgrace but the Ghanaian was the only stand-out talent in the squad.

His pedigree in the Ghana squad will also be hugely hit if he decides to play in the Championship and with interest from clubs in the Premier League, Ayew is most likely to leave.

Perhaps the Ghana international striker is the only player whose reputation has not been damaged by Villa’s sharp downward spiral.

He cost the claret and blues a fair whack, but has at least played like someone worth close to the £8.5 million transfer fee.

Ayew has accounted for seven (26 per cent) of Villa’s 27 league goals in his first season in English football.

The Ghanian has shown he can cut it in the Premier League and could be an attractive proposition for Albion, with a revamp of the forward line badly needed.


Players never sabotaged Duncan – Adams

Allsports Ahmed AdamsKumasi Asante Kotoko defender, Ahmed Adams

Kumasi Asante Kotoko defender, Ahmed Adams has said there was no sour relationship between the playing body and their former coach, David Duncan.
Duncan was asked to step aside until further notice after a series of poor results, and his assistant Michael Osei was tasked to take charge of the technical bench.

Coach Osei has since turned around the fortunes of the club ass they have risen to fifth on the Ghana Premier League log after being last at a point in time and have also booked a place in the last 16 of the MTN FA Cup competition.
The quick turn around of the fortunes of the club has intensified reports that the players undermined David Duncan’s reign.

Ahmed Adams, who has played every minute of league football under both coaches, has however rebuked those claims noting that nothing has changed under Michael Osei.

“We didn’t sabotage David Duncan. We were very close to him. The only thing that differentiated us from Coach Duncan was his attire whenever we were together with him,” he said.

“Michael Osei has not brought anything new to the club, it is the old Kotoko,” he told Accra based radio station, Happy FM.

Kotoko is four points behind league leaders, Accra Hearts of Oak after 11 matches.


Club owners don’t know football – Herbert Addo

News32795herbertaddoVeteran trainer Herbert Addo

Veteran trainer Herbert Addo has launched scathing attack on football administrators and owners for the indiscriminate firing of coaches in the Ghana Premier League.

Addo parted ways with Inter Allies FC as their head coach after a poor run of results.

He joins Nurudeen Amadu, David Duncan and JE Sarpong as coached to be relieved of their posts this season.

Addo says many coaches are losing their jobs not because they are incompetent but uninformed decisions by club owners.

“Maybe the chairman of the club don’t know football. He sees the players, he knows the players but he doesn’t know football,” he said in an interview with Kapital Radio in Kumasi.

“So when, let say Tom Strand wants to teach his players or let them understand they (clubs administrators) won’t allow because of different mentality.

“When you get frustrated, you go to sleep somewhere. We have trained as instructors.

“Myself, coach Emmanuel Afranie and lot of them are not getting the jobs so how do they practice, how do they advance?

“How much are you paid because most clubs, most managers do not respect coaches.

“They think we just go on the field and shout at the boys and come out with results, finish.

“They don’t know what goes into it. Every coach has his techniques or ways of doing things. The way you do things to succeed that’s the way to pursue.”

Addo guided Aduana Stars to win the 2010 Ghana Premier League.


AWOL Medeama coach Tom Strand rules out Ghana return

Tom Marcus StrandTom Strand

Medeama SC Tom Strand, who has unceremoniously returned to his native Sweden, has ruled out taking an immediate coaching role in Ghana.

The Swede left a note in his South African hotel room and went AWOL after the Mauves’s 3-1 CAF Confederation Cup first-leg reverse against Mamelodi Sundowns last week.

Medeama have declared the former Bechem United coach left without their knowledge and are likely to report the coach to FIFA for his conduct.

Local press reports have linked the 35-year-old with Ghana Premier League sides AshantiGold, Hearts of Oak and Inter Allies in the past but he has ruled out a return to the Ghana Premier League immediately.

“No I won’t return because I have other focus I’m working on now so I don’t think I would return,” he told Accra-based Asempa FM.

Medeama will host Sundowns in the return leg of the Confederation Cup next week at the Essipong Stadium.

Technical Director Evans Adotey is expected to take charge of the Medeama squad for the clash.

Soccer News of Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Shatta Wale to organize concerts to maintain national stadia

BandanashattaGhanaian Musician Shatta Wale

Sports Minister Nii Lantey Vanderpujye has confirmed his outfit has received a letter from popular Ghanaian Musician Shatta Wale requesting to hold a concert to raise funds for the maintenance of the four national stadia in Ghana.

The Accra, Kumasi, Tamale and Takoradi Stadia are in a deteriorating state after the National Sports Authority’s failure to maintain the edifices.

The Accra Sports Stadium is more on less a death trap to fans who troop to the arena to watch football games.

Shatta Wale who has become a household name in the Music industry in Ghana is ready to help maintain the four national stadia by organizing a nationwide concert.

“Last week I received a proposal from the managers of Shatta Wale…Shatta wants to organize concerts across the country to raise funds for the rehabilitation of the Accra, Kumasi, Essipong and Tamale stadia,” the Sports Minister told spoke to Starrfm.

Shatta Wale a reggae dancehall musician in Ghana has a huge influence on the youth with his crazy tunes.


Conte encourages Chelsea to pursue Kwadwo Asamoah

Conte AsamoahAntonio Conte with Kwadwo Asamoah

Chelsea has been encouraged their pursuit of JuventusKwadwo Asamoah who can also play in lateral defence.

Gazzetta World says incoming Blues boss Antonio Conte signed the Ghana international for Juventus in 2012 and is keen on a reunion at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea are willing to launch a bid worth up to £20m. And it’s claimed Juventus are happy to let him for that figure.

Asamoah, under contract until 2018, has been a fringe figure for the Italian champions this season

The Ghanaian has won four Seria A title with Juventus and will be delighted to join compatriot Baba Rahman who joined Chelsea in the summer.


Dreams FC confirm signing of teenage duo

Dreams DuoMaxwell Arthur and Isaac Mensah signed by Dreams FC

Dreams FC have confirmed the signing of teenage duo Maxwell Arthur and Isaac Mensah.

The two youngsters, who play for third-tier side Dream Academy, are expected to bolster the squad ahead of the second round of the campaign.

“The quality of these two youngsters are not in doubt and we believe bringing them to Dreams FC will help polish them into realizing their potential,” Dreams FC Administrative Manager Ameenu Shardow said after the two youngsters appended their signatures on their contracts.

“The signing of these two players also holds further significance as they are the very first to be signed from a team based in Dawu.

“It shows clearly the club is making do on its promise to open its doors to the people of this area who have been so supportive of the team’s activities in the Premier League.”

Maxwell Arthur and Isaac Ansah have already started training with the first team of Dreams FC under manager Charles Akonnor.

They are expected to make their debut for the team in Friday’s friendly match against Mighty Jets at the Theatre of Dreams, Dawu.


Local Black Stars suffer heavy defeat to Japan U23 team in friendly

Chan JapanRichard Arthur in action for the Local Black Stars

The local Black Stars crushed 3-0 to Japan’s U23 side in an international friendly on Wednesday.

Maxwell Konadu’s side conceded all three goals in the opening 30 minutes.

Midfielder Yajima Shinya scored a quick brace in four minutes and striker Togashi Cayman added the third.

Ghana missed out on lifting the MS&AD Cup.

The match played at the Best amenity Stadium in Saga will be used to raise funds for the victims of the Kumamoto earthquakes.

Dreams FC denies planning to sack Coach CK Akonnor

Akonnor1Dreams FC coach CK Akunnor

Dreams FC has rubbished reports indicating the Club was planning to axe head coach CK Akonnor.

Extensive reports had hinted the Club was preparing to part ways with the former National Star after the team’s heavy defeat to Aduana Stars last Sunday.

Dreams FC suffered humiliation at the Dormaa Park after losing 4-0 to the former Ghana Premier League Champions.

The results sparked reports about the Club’s attempt to dismiss the 46-year-old who made history with the Club by qualifying them to the elite division, a report which raised questions following the Coach’s impressive run with the Club this season.

Spokesperson of the side Henry Asante Twum has however quashed the said report indicating the Club has no intentions of part ways with the ex-Hearts of Oak trainer.

“I don’t know where those reports are coming from and I don’t know why someone will just fabricate a false story of this nature,” he told Atinka FM.

“CK has been good ever since he took over the Club and the team has performed well since the beginning of the season, so what will lead us to sack such a coach.

“It is never true, he (CK Akonnor) still has a contract with the Club and we must respect that, no one is planning to sack him or so ever, those stories are never true.”

Dreams FC are currently on the sixth position with 16 points.


Kenichi Yatsuhashi vows to see out two-year Hearts of Oak contract

Kenichi Media LiesHearts of Oak coach Kenichi Yatsuhashi

Hearts of Oak Kenichi Yatsuhashi has poured cold water on circling reports he will quit his post at the end of the season.

The Japanese had occasional contretemps with management and the board since going public on some wrongdoings at the club.

He claimed players were owed salaries and wanted new deals for his assistants.

According to local media reports, Yatsuhashi has resolved to quit the capital club at the end of the season after failing to reconcile with the club’s management.

But he took to Twitter to clear the air about his future by posting: “My contract is for two years until end of 2016-2017 season and I have full intention to honor my contract.”

Soccer News of Tuesday, 10 May 2016


Lionel Messi heaps praise on Asamoah Gyan

Asamoah Gyan  WorldGhana Black Stars captain Asamoah Gyan

Argentine and Barcelona super star Lionel Messi has poured praise on Asamoah Gyan, labeling the Ghana captain as ‘one of the greatest goal scorers’ in the world.

Messi, 28, has been hugely impressed by the goal scoring prowess of the former Sunderland and Al Ain hitman.

The Barcelona star, perhaps the greatest player on the planet at the moment has passed a massive vote of confidence in the Shanghai SIPG attacker for his unrivaled dedication to both club and country.

“I Like his hard work and dedication to his national team and his clubs. I watch him play several times and I really like the goal he scored against Germany in Brazil,” the five-time Ballon d’or winner told 90 minutes Extra.

“I might say that, he is one of the greatest goal scorers I have ever seen.”

Gyan, an iconic Ghanaian figure,remains the country’s greatest ever striker with 48 goals in over 90 appearances.

He is also Africa’s leading scorer at the World Cup with six goals, surpassing the long held record by Cameroonian legend Roger Milla.


Luis Suarez 2010 handball against Ghana forces FIFA to make new rules

Luis DenyLuis Suarez’s infamous on-the-line handball against Ghana

World football superpowers could bring in penalty goals to stop a repeat of Luis Suarez’s infamous on-the-line handball against Ghana.

England’s warm-up matches ahead of the Euros will be the first big-time games to take place under new laws.

Other alterations brought in by the International FA Board include red cards before kick-off, no automatic red card for bringing down a player as the last man and underwear being the same colour as shorts.

The most eye-catching change is the possibility of penalty goals.

Ex-Liverpool striker Suarez used his hand to keep out a certain Ghana goal in the last minute of their 2010 World Cup quarter-final clash.

Asamoah Gyan then missed the penalty and Uruguay went onto to reach the semi-finals after winning the shootout.

Under proposed new rules, Dominic Adiyiah’s effort would have been allowed to stand.

A total of 95 alterations to the laws of the game are to be brought in but will not come into force until June 1.

New laws state that it will no longer be an automatic red card if a player or goalkeeper brings down a player as the last man.

Intent will be taken into account and a penalty awarded if the challenge was deemed an attempt to play the ball.

Meanwhile, officials can dish out red cards before kick-off, for example if fighting takes place in the tunnel.

The sent-off player can be replaced.

And feinting when taking a penalty – as Suarez’s Bercelona team-mate Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have done – will be punished with a yellow card and indirect free-kick.

There will be no room for a retake, but stuttering or staggered run-ups are still allowed.

In addition, undershorts must be the same colour as the shorts of the kit, kick-offs can go in any direction and an injured player can get treatment on the pitch for up to 20 seconds without having to go off.


Strand’s exit good for Medeama – Parker

Moses Armah ParkerMedeama President Moses Parker

Medeama President Moses Parker has said the resignation of head coach Tom Strand is a positive development for the team.

The Swedish manager abandoned the club, leaving behind a resignation letter in his hotel room in South Africa when the team travelled there for the first leg match of the CAF Confederations Cup against Mamelodi Sundowns where they lost 1-3.

Speaking to Class Sports, Mr Parker was not worried over the coach’s exit.

“Whatever has happened is good for us. When we were going [to South Africa], I decided not to go with him, but the CEO came in and pleaded on his behalf, but what has happened is good for us and we are going all out to qualify to the next stage,” he said.

He was confident Medeama would qualify to the group stage of the competition.

“I watched the match. The way the boys played against Sundowns, the way they pressed them, I know at the Essipong Stadium we can make it,” a confident Mr Parker said.

Skipper for the team Muntari Tagoe added that the team was focused on getting the results first before dealing with the coach’s departure.

He told Class Sports: “It is not too difficult for us; we are just downhearted because of the goals we conceded. It was bad for us as a team, but we just have to put that behind us and focus on the next game against them. We need to make sure we get two goals without conceding, so, we are on course. We have put Tom’s issue behind us. We, as a team, want to qualify first and after we can talk about Tom.”

Medeama is now handled by Technical Director Augustine Adotey.


Local athletes will struggle to qualify for Rio – Andrew Owusu

Andrew Owusu AthleticAndrew Owusu in full flight during his days

Former national triple jump record holder Andrew Owusu has expressed his worry over the qualification of locally-based athletes for this year’s Olympic Games in Brazil.

According to the renowned athlete, resources available for making standard times for the multi sports event in August will be a difficult task for the local athletes.

So far no local athlete has qualified for the event with the foreign-based athletes having four qualified for the games.

“I think the Rio Olympics Games will be a difficult one and again no excuses. When you look at the Olympic qualification standard and I use the triple jump as an example because that is my field.

“The distance you will jump to qualify to make it to the Olympic Games when you make a better mark it will propel you to do better. But we always demean the qualification, so for our local athletes it is not impossible but will be difficult for them looking at the resources available”, Owusu, who is the representative of foreign athletes, told Starr Sports.

There are three more championships coming up which will give some local athletes opportunity to qualify for the Africa Championship in June ahead of the Olympic Games.


Inter Allies to announce new coach by Friday

Herbert Addo AlliesHerbert Addo

Management of Inter Allies football club is working round the clock to name a replacement for coach Herbert Addo who was sacked after the Techiman City game.

Assistant coach Rashid Iddi took Inter Allies to Sogakope Park to play week eleven of the Ghana premier league against West Africa Football Academy (WAFA) they had an unprecedented goalless draw.

Former Wa All Stars coach Jimmy Cobblah has been reportedly close to agreeing a deal that will see him replace Herbert Addo.

Inter Allies are placed above bottom-placed Dwarfs and are desperate to improve their standings.


Fiamenyo shocked with Coach Sarpong’s exit

FiamenyoGilbert Fiamenyoh

Newly-signed striker for Ebusua Dwarfs Gilbert Fiamenyo has expressed shock at the dismissal of the club’s coach J.E. Sarpong.

Dwarfs fired Coach Sarpong following their 0-3 defeat to Asante Kotoko at the Baba Yara Stadium in the Ghana Premier League on Sunday May 8.

Speaking to Class Sports, Fiamenyo said the news came as a surprise to him.

“This is shocking news for me, I don’t know the reason and I don’t know why the management took that decision. He was nice to me, I don’t have any problem with him. After the game, I just heard he was stepping aside.

The former Hearts of Oak striker added he was ready to work with any manager management deemed fit to handle the team.

“I am ready to work with any coach. I don’t have problems with coaches; any coach who comes to Dwarfs is welcome. I work with all coaches and I am fine with all coaches. I try to do my best that I can to help the club and that is what I will continue to do,” the burly attacker said.


GPL Team of the Week 11

Gpl TeamGPL team of week 11

Aduana Stars forward Yaya Mohammed hit a brace in their 4-0 thumping of Dreams FC to take his personal tally to eight goals in four matches.

Asante Kotoko top striker Dauda Mohammed and Hasaacas danger man Suleman Ibrahim also scored twice each to hand their sides to convincing wins.

The system for the week is 4:3:2:1 with Hearts trainer Kenichi Yatsuhashi emerging the coach of the week for fourth time.

Osei Kwame – GK [Inter Allies]

The half-fit Inter Allies shop stopper was the reason for his side’s point at Sogakope. He stood between the WAFA attack and the Inter Allies goal post. He pulled four great saves in the game, two in each half. He emerged the MVP of the game.

Godfred Saka [Aduana Stars]

The veteran right back was in his normal form to aid his side’s mauling of visiting Dreams FC. His crosses and tackles were on point. His telepathic chemistry with the defence of the home side was just superb.

Justice Anane [Berekum Chelsea]

Anane rose to the occasion in their clash with Hearts at the Golden City Park. He neutralized the instrumental Isaac Mensah in the game. He was strong in air and made excellent crosses. He stopped a number of dangerous moves by the Phobians.

Nicholas Opoku [Berekum Chelsea]

He emerged the MVP of the game for his stupendous performance against the league leaders. He is the reason Chelsea did not concede more than a goal. He stopped the dangerous Hearts attack on numerous occasions and was very tactful and intelligent in his tackles.

Richard Akrofi [Hearts]

With his intelligence and calmness, Akrofi was able to neutralize the free scoring Chelsea defence. His partnership with Robin Gnagne was apt with great passing ability in the game. He was the real gen of the Hearts defence.

Yaw Ackah [Bechem United]

Virtually unknown by many, Yaw Ackah rose to the occasion in the game against AshGold in Obuasi. He was instrumental in defensive midfield and made sure the home side did not get a goal. He was rated as the second top performer in the game beside goalie Ernest Adu.

Richard Mpong [Aduana Stars]

He opened the flood gates for the baptism of fire for Dreams FC in Dormaa. He was sharp on the flanks and reminisced his playing days for Medeama SC. He won the MVP of the game as well.

Mustapha Essuman [Hearts]

He was the chief driver of the Hearts of Oak team. He was sharp and made sure his incisive passes located his attackers. He outwitted his marker many times and orchestrated Hearts’ only goal in the game.

Dauda Mohammed [Kotoko]

He scored twice in their 3-0 win over Dwarfs. He won the MVP of the game. His attacking prowess was simply amazing in the game and slapped the Dwarfs goalie with thunderous shots on a number of occasions.

Yaya Mohammed [Aduana Stars]

The former Asante Kotoko man is in a form of his life. He scored twice in their 4-0 win over Dreams FC taking his personal tally to eight goals in four matches. He is now leading the goal king race with nine goals. He was instrumental in the game and contributed to the two other goals.

Suleman Ibrahim [Hasaacas]

He was with Hasaacas last season but many virtually know him. He scored twice to help his side win 3-1 over visiting New Edubiase. He won the MVP as well.


Daniel Amartey likely to start for Leicester against Chelsea in final game

Dan TrophyGhana defender Daniel Amartey

Ghana defender Daniel Amartey is in line to fill in for Robert Huth in the final game for English Premier League Champions Leicester City in the final game of the season against Chelsea.

Polish defender Marcin Wasilewski filled in over the weekend against Everton where the Foxes run out as 3-1 winners on the day.

Amartey who joined Leicester City from Danish side FC Copenhagen has made five appearances for the surprise English Champions and has shown desire in training in the last two days.

Reports are that Amartey will get the final game of the season as part of Claudio Ranieri’s all hands on desk principles.

If Amartey gets the nod he could come up against Baba Rahman who is also expected to play line up for Chelsea on the day.

Sports News of Monday, 9 May 2016


Yahaya Mohammed leads scorers chart with nine goals

Yahaya Mohammed Aduana NewYahaya Mohammed

Aduana Stars striker Yahaya Mohammed moved to the summit of the scorers chart after he tallied nine goals with a brace in their 4-0 drubbing of Dreams FC on Sunday.

The red-hot forward has now scored in five consecutive matches.

Mohammed has now overtaken Liberty Professionals Latif Blessing, who has eight goals in ten matches.

Blessing has travelled with the Local Black Stars side to Japan for the international friendly against the U23 Samuarai Blue.

Hasaacas striker Eric Bekoe and Saddick Adams are tied on six goals and WAFA’s Samuel Inkoom with five goals.

Source: Raymond Agbonlah Yeboah

Techiman Park is now the most fatal and dangerous

Techiman Park is now the most fatal and dangerous hooligan venue in the Ghana premier League

A football venue must be conducive and peaceful atmosphere for every football fan but when it turns out to be a place for revenge against some journalist, then it might have been deviated from its purpose.

Nana Ameyaw park-the venue for Techiman City football club, is only known on paper by that name but to some of us it is called the DEN.

Even since Techiman City got promotion to engage in the elite division,the venue has turned out to be an invincible and revengeful site against certain media men-especially those from Sunyani who were not on their side during their alleged bribery case that nearly marred the team’s qualification.

On record,below are the list of journalist who have been so far victimized at the venue ever since they gained promotion;Precious of Sky fm,Ntoo Gyan of Achea fm,Paul Sabi of Moonlite Fm,Fadal of Moonlite Fm,Princess Nafisa of Suncity Radio,Ortega of Metro Fm and now Kofi Asomah Reagan of Suncity Radio.This seem to be the worst and insecure venue for any sports journalist and l would like to use this medium to entreat the GFA ethics committee to call them to order.The reason why they win more at the venue based upon the evidence of always assaulting the journalist, is because they instill fear and threats in them at the venue so that their bad deeds are not disclosed.
The same venue witnessed the slapping of club administrator Takyi Arhin- Turnder by Micky Charles.

The issue of attacking the media men will soon bring inter- city battle because those at Berekum would be also seeking revenge for attacking Kofi Assomah who hails from the town and this is the reason l implored the FA disciplinary committee to strike else———————————


Dwarfs coach backs Asante Kotoko’s title winning bid

Asante Kotoko 2015Asante Kotoko team

Ebusua Dwarfs coach JE Sarpong has endorsed Asante Kotoko’s title winning credentials after his side got clobbered 3-0 at the Baba Yara Stadium on Sunday.

Youngster Dauda Mohammed bagged a brace and in between that Frank Sarfo Gyamfi also netted to give Kotoko the comprehensive win.

Dwarfs newly signed striker Gilbert Fiamenyo came off the bench to waste a penalty which would have been a consolation goal.

Sarpong admitted his side were second best on the afternoon and tipped Kotoko to win this season’s Premier League if they maintain their form.

“I congratulate them. If they play like this, I think Kotoko can win the league,” Sarpong said in a post-match interview.

“Kotoko did very well. In terms of intensity and transition, Kotoko was ahead.”

Asante Kotoko have now moved to fifth on the table; four points behind leaders Hearts of Oak.


Gideon Baah plays first game after returning from injury

Gideon Baah New StartGideon Baah

Ghana defender Gideon Baah played his first game for New York Red Bulls after fully recovering from a thigh injury.

The left-back returned from injury to play for the second team who defeated Pittsburgh Riverhounds 3-1 at the Highmark Stadium on Sunday night.

The Ghanaian is however expected to start his full game for the club team A in the coming week.

Baah has only made three appearances for the New York Red Bulls after being forced out through injury.

Source: GhanaWeb

Lack of defensive discipline cost us – Akunnor

Akonnor1Charles Akunnor

Dreams FC manager Charles Akunnor has attributed his side’s 4-0 defeat to Aduana Stars to lack of defensive discipline from the entire team.

It was the third away defeat for the Premier League debutants.

Akunnor stressed that his side’s good dominance in the game were overshadowed by the poor defensive work by the entire team especially in the first half, conceding three goals in 30 minutes.

“Defeats are part of it [football] but once we’re in the game we must concentrate and do what we do best. We were able to play, possess the ball but defensively we were very poor- the entire team,” he said in the post-match presser at the Nana Agyemang Babu Park in Dormaa.

“They are very good. I mean it’s an experienced team with experienced players, Yahaya Mohammed who’s in a good shape and scoring match after match.”

Akunnor added: “We were aware of all that and we worked very well towards that with the idea to keep him off especially in standard situations but we lost it in some moments of the game and it cost us the defeat. I must say, defensively the entire team was very poor.”

Dreams FC have dropped three steps on the league log after the loss to coach Aristica’s side.


Eto’o hails Inkoom again after another solid display

Antalyaspor Samuel InkoomSamuel Inkoom

Antalyaspor defender Samuel Inkoom produced another man of the match performance to help his side secure a 1-0 away win in the Turkish League.

The speedy right back is in line for the clubs signing of the season despite joining only in the January transfer window.

Inkoom has succeeded in convincing even his critics after establishing himself as one of the best right backs in the Turkish League this season.

The 26-year-old was rarely beaten to a ball and his surging forward runs caused the Mersin Idmanuurdu side problems all day.

After the game, former Cameroon international Samuel Eto’o lauded Inkoom’s output.

“We had a good game today and most of the players did enough,” Eto’ told the press after the match.

“I have got to congratulate Samuel again for his energy; he was really up for it today.”

“Now we have a long journey back home.”

Inkoom joined Antalyaspor from Portuguese side Boavista five months ago and has played in 12 league games.

Soccer News of Saturday, 7 May 2016

Source: Bristol Post

Adomah faces former Bristol City team-mate in promotion clash

Albert Adomah BaldockAlbert Adomah in enhanced photo with Sam Baldock

Ghana winger Albert Adomah will become deadly foes with his former Bristol City team-mate Sam Baldock as Middlesbrough clash with Brighton as both sides seek promotion to the English Premier League.

Adomah’s Middlesbrough host Baldock’s Brighton in arguably the most important game either has been involved in.

At stake is a place in the Premier League next season and the final day showdown between the Championship’s second and third-placed teams amounts to a play-off final.

Victory for either side will see them join Burnley in clinching automatic promotion to the top flight and the stakes could scarcely be any higher.

Adomah has a potentially significant advantage over his one-time Ashton Gate colleague, given that a draw would secure winners-up spot for Boro and consign the Seagulls to trial by play-off.

Both star turns during their time in BS3, Adomah and Baldock left to pursue their dream of one day playing Premier League football. For one of them, the dream will become a reality tomorrow afternoon.

Signed from Barnet by then City boss Steve Coppell in July 2010, Adomah’s recruitment represented the former Crystal Palace and Reading manager’s most meaningful act during his ill-fated two month spell in charge.

Coppell may have left, his reputation tarnished, but Adomah went from strength to strength during a City career that saw him make 131 appearances in the Championship and score 17 goals for the Robins.

His bold and fearless style of play, endeared the popular winger to City fans, who took Adomah to their hearts during his three seasons on the books.

His exhilarating performances attracted interest from Premier League clubs Swansea and Wigan and the Londoner spoke openly of his ambition to play in the domestic top flight and represent His country, Ghana, at the World Cup finals.

He achieved the second of those goals when turning out for the African Lions in Brazil in the summer of 2014, and he now stands on the threshold of realising his other ambition.

Promotion this weekend would fully justify Adomah’s decision to throw in his lot with Middlesbrough rather than join Wigan.

Signed from West Ham United for £1m by Derek McInnes in August 2013, Baldock also established himself as a favourite with the Ashton Gate crowd during two seasons in which he netted 34 times in 83 games.

Unable to save the Robins from relegation in his first season, his goals and captaincy played a major part in keeping City in League One a year later.

When Championship club Brighton made the striker an offer he could not refuse and the Ashton Gate board of directors sold him for a handsome profit, the overwhelming majority of City fans understood his motives for leaving and wished him well.

But City fans will find themselves in a position where they have to decide between Adomah and Baldock this weekend.

Both players crave Premier League status, but only one of them will be celebrating automatic promotion on Saturday evening.

So the question we are asking Bristol City fans is, which would you like to see playing in the Premier League next season? Who do you want to see come out on top at the Riverside tomorrow? Adomah or Baldock?


Hearts of Oak is not a ‘Cash Cow’ Odotei; Sowah tells GFA

Odotei NeewVincent Sowah Odotei

Chairman of the Hearts of Oak strategic Committee, Vincent Sowah Odotei has fired back at the Ghana Football Association for what he believes is an attempt to milk the Club of its finances.

The Phobians were slapped with a ghc 12000 fine after they were found guilty of crowd violence during their 2015/16 Ghana Premier League match week 6 fixture against Wa All Stars.

Also, the Phobians will play their next three home games behind closed doors. Two of its directors, Kwame Opare Addo and Barimah Attuahene have been banned for 2 years and charged to pay ghc 6000 each.

The total amount of the fines comes dow to ghc 24000, an action the Phobians seem to be contesting adding that the Club is not a cash cow.

“We have received the verdict of the Disciplinary Committee and in issues such as these, the first thing to do is to down with your lawyers to see the way forward. That is what we going to do.”

“But let me make one thing clear, Hearts of Oak is not a cash cow, and we will want everyone to know that”, Odotei told Adom fm.

For Odotei, why did the FA wait till after the super clash to pronounce judgment, a match they bagged in GH¢ 271,000 as net.

Source: GNA

Ghanaian athlete qualifies for Rio Paralympic Games

Alem MumuniAlem Mumuni

Ghana’s celebrated Paracyclist and Africa’s number one Alem Mumuni, has qualified for the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games and would be featuring in the C2 category at the Games.

He joins power lifter Charles Narh Teye, who became the first Ghanaian to qualify for the Paralympic Games, after his splendid showing at the Dubai Power lifting competition earlier this year.

Alem, who is currently ranked 27th in the world did a lot of work that finally earned him a bipartite slot in the sport, which happens to be his second appearance at the Games, after making history as the first Ghanaian Paracyclist, to represent Ghana at the Olympic Games at London 2012.

Alem, began his preparations for Rio three years back with extensive participation in various Paracycling events outside the country.

He was in Italy, Switzerland Spain and Greece-in a bid to amassing more points build up to enable him qualify to the quadrennial competition.

The National Paralympic Committee (NPC) and the Ghana Cycling Federation together with friends from the United Kingdom have immensely led the Paracyclist star to this level.

Alem was confirmed on May 4 this year by organisers of the sport and this brought great joy to the hard working athlete who also has a foundation ‘Alem Foundation’ to his credit.

The federation is therefore devising strategies for the athlete regarding sponsorship package for his preparations and training schedule ahead of the Games.


Kwadwo Asamoah believes Juventus can go far under coach Maxi Allegri

Kwadwo Asamoah GoalGhana and Juventus midfielder Kwadwo Asamoah

Ghanaian midfielder Kwadwo Asamoah is optimistic Juventus can go a long way under head coach Maximilino Allegri.

Allegri was handed a contract extension with the Bianconeri until 2018 after winning the Italian Scudetto with the Club.

The former AC Milan manager has been able to clinch two Serie A titles with the Club since taking over from Antonio Conte.

Asamoah who is happy working under the Italian manager believes the 48-year-old can win more laurels with the Club.

“So many teams try to win in Italy and we won five titles in a row,” midfielder Asamoah told Sky Sport Italia.

“These four Scudetti I was involved in are the best things in my career and I’m very pleased to be a part of this group.

“We had difficulties at the start of the season, but did well to recover quickly, realise what the problem was and what we wanted to do.

“On a personal level I can say that I want to continue winning and I’m happy to do it with Coach Allegri. I am fine anywhere he wants me to play.

“It would be a unique achievement and won’t be easy,” continued Asamoah.

“As for next season, we must continue to do well in Italy, but can and must grow in Europe too. The Champions League is a great dream for us.”

“He is very good, is always close to the players both on the field and off. He helps those who play and those who are on the pitch less often.

“I am convinced that with him we can go a long way still.”

The Ghanaian international is rumored to be linked with a shock move to English giants Chelsea.

Source: Daily Guide

Otumfuo blasts Kotoko old players

Asantehene Otumfuo RidesAsantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II

The Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, has descended heavily on old players of Kumasi Asante Kotoko for abandoning the club.

He observed with anger and concern that the Kotoko old players were not supporting the club to progress as expected from them.

Otumfuo, who is the owner and spiritual head of Kotoko, stated that the club’s old players had surprisingly abandoned the club, now.

He said he was expecting the old players to support the current Kotoko CEO, Opoku Nti, who is also an ex-player of the club, to succeed.

Sadly, the Asante Monarch observed that the old players had turned their backs at the club at this crucial time that Kotoko needs their support.

Otumfuo had therefore entreated all past Kotoko players to come on board and support Opoku Nti’s administration to succeed.

The Asante King said he was not happy about how the past Kotoko players had ditched the Porcupine Warriors now.

He said these when former board member of the club, Kennedy Agyepong who is popularly known as ‘Kenpong”, paid a courtesy call on him at the Manhyia Palace.

Kenpong, who was accompanied by some old Kotoko players, used the occasion to inform Otumfuo about his (Kenpong’s) mother’s death.

The Kotoko old players that were present at the palace included Rev. Osei Kofi, Opoku Nti, Dogo Moro, W.K. Mfum and Abukari Gariba.

Otumfuo stated that Kotoko’s old players are major stakeholders of the club so they should support the present management to succeed.

Soccer News of Friday, 6 May 2016


Local Black Stars leave for Japan U23 friendly on Saturday

Local Black StarsLocal Black Stars

The Local Black Stars will leave Accra on Saturday to face Japan’s U23 next Wednesday in an international friendly.

Maxwell Konadu’s side finalized their preparations with a 1-1 draw with Division One League side Mighty Jets on Wednesday.

The match will be played at the Best Amenity Stadium in Saga.

At stake will be the MS&AD Cup and the match will be used to raise funds for the victims of the Kumamoto earthquakes.

Japan’s U23 Sumurai Blue are preparing for the summer Olympics in Rio where they have been drawn Nigeria, Colombia and Sweden in Group B.


Andre Ayew put top clubs on RED alert

Andre Dede Ayew NewAndre Ayew

Andre Ayew has put the top-four clubs in England on RED ALERT after revealing his desire to play European football next season.

The Swansea City star is unsure about his future at the club despite enjoying an explosive debut season.

The hugely talented Ghana international has scored 10 goals so far and emerged as the Swans best player by far this season.

The son of Ghana legend Abedi Pele has never his hidden his desire to play for a top club in Europe amid growing interest from several stellar clubs.

He returned to punish ‘boyhood’ club Liverpool in style by grabbing a sensational brace in his side’s 3-1 win over the Reds at the Liberty stadium last week.

The former Marseille man has revealed his desire to play for a club in the Champions League stable next season.

“Whether it’s the ‘Big Four’ or with a club qualified for Europe, I have the ambition of rediscovering the European Cup every year, like I experienced with Marseille,” he told RMC

The Swans are set for a post-season rebuild in a bid to avoid the struggles that have undermined their current Premier League campaign.

And it is thought the club are keen to ship-on several squad regulars as they seek to freshen up the Liberty Stadium ranks and return to the spirit and style that has underpinned previous success at the top-level.

Source: Daily Guide

Kenpong invites Otumfuo for mother’s funeral

Kenpongotumfuo FuneralKenpong in a photograph with the old footballers and family members at the Manhyia Palace

Kennedy Agyepong popularly known as ‘Kenpong’, CEO of Kenpong Group, Accra, has officially informed the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, about the unfortunate demise of his mother, the late, Janet Yaa Biamah, 68.

The Ankobeahene, Baffuor Kwame Kusi II, led Kenpong’s high-powered delegation, which included family members, friends and old footballers, to convey the sad news to the Asantehene, at the Manhyia Palaceon Thursday.

Baffuor Kusi II said Kenpong see the Asantehene as his father, hence the visit to the seat of the Asantehene, to inform Otumfuo about the death, which occurred on January 29, 2016, and to also invite Otumfuo to the funeral rites.

He said the late Janet Yaa Biamah would be laid in state on Saturday May 28, at 4am, followed by burial service at Kwawu Mpraeso Sports Stadium and internment at the Apostolic Cemetery, Mpraeso, on the same day.

The Ankobeahene announced that the final funeral rites of Kenpong’s mother would be held at the Mpraeso Sports Stadium from 1pm to 6pm, adding that the thanksgiving service would take place onSunday, May 29, at the Apostolic Church of Ghana, Mpraeso.

He said the family would after the church service converge at the Ohene Nana Classic Hotel, Mpraeso for the final funeral rites, adding that Kenpong’s respectfully invites Otumfuo to the solemn event to make it grand.

Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, consoled Kenpong and his family over the painful loss of the late Janet Yaa Biamah, assuring that he (Otumfuo) would send a high-powered delegation of chiefs to represent him at the funeral.

He urged Kenpong and his family to take heart in this trying moment, assuring them that he (Asantehene) and the entire Asanteman, are with them and would play leading roles to ensure a befitting funeral for Kenpong’s mother.

Among the old footballers that accompanied Kenpong to the Manhyia Palace included Opoku Nti, Kotoko CEO, Rev. Osei Kofi, W.K. Mfum, Dogo Moro and Abukari Gariba.


Hearts technical team ready to attend meetings

Kenichi Yatsuhashi HeartsKenichi Yatsuhashi

The technical team of Accra Hearts of Oak led by Japanese trainer Kenichi Yatsuhashi has resolved to hold meetings with the management of the club after matches.

Until this decision, the technical team had declined attending technical and management meetings after matches with the coach being the chief architect.

But latest development from the camp of the coach has it that he has sent a message to the chairman of the Strategy Committee, Vincent Sowah-Odotei indicating the readiness of the technical team for the meetings.

This means that the two bodies will meet after the Hearts clash with Berekum Chelsea on Sunday in the week eleven clash of the Ghana Premier League.

Hearts have recently been in the news for some misunderstanding between the coach and the management but latest information from the camp of the Phobians indicate that all is well now.

Hearts are still second on the table behind Wa All Stars following their splendid start to the season.


Fosu-Mensah gets Netherlands call

Timothy Fosu Mensah United1Timothy Fosu-Mensah

Timothy Fosu-Mensah has been handed his first international call-up after the Manchester United defender was named in a provisional Netherlands squad for three upcoming friendlies.

Head coach Danny Blind has included the 18-year-old, despite him making just seven Premier League appearances in his breakthrough season.

Netherlands failed to qualify for Euro 2016 and will kick off a trio of friendly matches in the space of nine days with a trip to Dublin to take on Republic of Ireland on May 27.

Blind’s side will also face Poland and Austria, as those two nations, like Ireland, prepare for the Euros.

Fosu-Mensah, a product of Ajax’s youth academy, made his United debut against Arsenal in February.

He is joined in the squad by a couple of familiar faces, with team-mates Daley Blind and Memphis Depay also named.

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, Arjen Robben, Wesley Sneijder and Robin van Persie were among the big

Soccer News of Thursday, 5 May 2016


Black Stars maintain 38th in the world; third in Africa

Black Stars LineupGhana’s Black Stars

Ghana, like most nations, remained unchanged in the latest FIFA ranking released on Thursday.

With no A-international matches played in April, the May edition saw the Black Stars ranked 38th in the world with 693 points and third in Africa.

There were still no changes in the top 21 most ranked nations on the continent with Algeria still on top and Cote d’Ivoire in second place.

All teams in the Top 50 maintained their positions this month, while the regional composition of said teams also remained unaffected since last month’s ranking.

Argentina remain on top followed by Belgium, Chile, Colombia and Germany.

The next FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking will be published on 2 June 2016 before the penultimate 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.


Hearts eye Kotoko goalie Ofori Antwi

Black Meteors Eric Ofori AntwiEric Ofori Antwi

Hearts of Oak is putting up a lucrative bid to test Asante Kotoko’s resolve over goalkeeper Eric Ofori Antwi who has fallen down the pecking order this season.

The second transfer window was opened last Monday and the Phobians want to make the former Amidaus Professional goalie their first signing, a player they believed will be a replacement for ageing Soulama Abdoulaye who will turn 37 in November.

“We have expressed interest in Eric Ofori Antwi, he is a good goalkeeper judging from his exploits at Kotoko, Amidaus and the Black Satellites, he will be good addition,” a source is quoted by

“We are not searching for a goalkeeper because of Soulama Abdoulaye’s howler last Monday. Soulama is a good goalkeeper but the issue is we have to get his replacement because of his age.

“Ofori Antwi is a young goalkeeper and we believe he can step into his shoes. Our other goalkeepers are good but the plan is, we are building a strong team for the future,” the source added.

Antwi was Kotoko’s first choice goalkeeper Last season but is now considered third choice after a difficult start to the season.


Kotoko show gratitude for unwavering support

Allsports KotokoAsante Kotoko

Managers of Kotoko have expressed their gratitude to the teeming supporters of the club for their unwavering backing in recent weeks.

They say efforts by ordinary fans including notable personalities have tremendously contributed to the team’s rising performance adding that, those efforts needed to be appreciated.

“Our first appreciation goes to the Life Patron and Owner of the Club, His Royal Majesty, the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, for his unflinching support, wisdom and inspiration” said a press release dated May 4, 2016 and signed by General Manager, Opoku Nti.

The press release stated that, the Asantehene’s motivation has seen the club moving from the lower ranks of the league with the objective of getting to its top ranks. It said the role played by the Greater Accra Regional Circles Council (GARCC) whose backing was massive at the Accra Sports Stadium where Kotoko beat Hearts 1-0 deserved to be commended.

“We furthermore acknowledge fans of the club, especially the Greater Accra Circles Council whose backing at the Accra Sports Stadium has provided the club the invincibility which baffles our foes”. The release also singled out some past Kotoko managers and players for praise.

“Also to former players, former management and board members like Herbert Mensah, Kennedy Agyepong, Bernard Xiel, Wilberforce Mfum, Dogo Moro, Malik Jabir and Ibrahim Sunday; your support did the trick. Three of our benefactors, Christopher Denenya; Alhaji Salamy Amadu and Christopher Opoku who showed unwavering financial commitment to winning the match last Sunday” are additionally being applauded.

The club’s managers finally thanked the technical team and the players for their hard work. “The technical team and the players who are the main actors cannot be forgotten in this regard” said the release as it urged fans to continue throwing their weight behind the team.


Sulley Muntari, Andre and Jordan Ayew to play in Joseph Yobo testimonial

Sulley Muntari 01Oct2010Sulley Ali Muntari

Ghana trio Sulley Muntari, Andre Ayew and Jordan Ayew have confirmed their availability for the Joseph Yobo testimonial match on 27 May.

They will be joined by renowned players like John Terry, Thierry Henry and Wayne Rooney.

Also confirmed for the match are top African players like Samuel Eto’o Fils, Djibrin Cisse and Tresor Lualua amongst others.

A former Super Eagles player, Waidi Akanni said on Wednesday in Lagos that the Yobo testimonial has continued to generate interests from past and present players from around the world.

“In the course of Yobo’s career that saw him clock 100 caps for Nigeria, he built so much goodwill around Europe. Anywhere you mention his name, people remember him with fond memories,” stressed Akanni.

The Joseph Yobo Foundation is in partnership with Rivers State Government for the Centenary Game at the Adokiye Amiesimaka Stadium in the Garden City.


Hearts-Kotoko matches is all about black magic – Aziz Haruna Futah

Futah GhHearts vrs Asante Kotoko in Accra last Monday

Former Hearts of Oak management Aziz Haruna Futah says matches between them and their rivals Asante Kotoko is determined by black magic or ‘Juju’.

Futah has gone neck-vein ballistic on the club’s management for refusing to acknowledge this ahead of last Monday’s clash in Accra.

Hearts conceded a freak goal which shocked many and consigned them to a 1-0 defeat at the Accra Sports Stadium.

Goalkeeper Abdoulaye Soulama curled in a back pass into his own net on 43 minutes and that left many wondering at that spectacular howler.

Some believe supernatural powers played a role in the goal.

Futah says it is suicidal for the two teams to discount the role of black magic in the outcome of the Ghana Premier League derby.

“Since Shamo Quaye’s era that is what we have been using as a club and anytime Kotoko matches pop up, the management and the supporters will come together and do everything to make sure that we win that match because playing Kotoko is always about juju,” he told Asempa Sports

“Before the match I called Alhaji Akanbi and asked him what they are doing to ensure they win against Kotoko but he said this management does not believe in juju but I told him juju is the key to Kotoko and Hearts games.

“The supporters had it correct when they voiced out that Soulama should not be in the post because Kotoko knew that day does not favor Soulama and true to that word, they carried the day by taking advantage of that.

“In the Confederation Cup final against Kotoko in Kumasi, we went for a consultation and we were told that there is only one goal in the match but they will divide the game into two so the score line can be one all draw but Hearts of Oak will win the match on penalties.

“But to ensure this, we had to perform certain rituals.

“We had to go open a freshly buried person’s mouth and put some concussion in the corpse mouth and we did that in Kumasi and we won and that has been our tradition as a club.

“Kotoko also went for consultation and they were told if a fair person leads Hearts out, they will lose.

“So we acted on this, and immediately asked Harry Zakkour who was sitting at home to fly to Kumasi and lead Hearts out.”


Inter Allies hunting for foreign coach; Herbert Addo set to be FIRED

Herbert Addo Coach.jpegInter Allies coach Herbert Addo

A former Inter Allies director Omar El Eter is advertising to recruit a foreign coach and that has fuelled speculations Herbert Addo is on the verge of being sacked.

Addo’s future at the club has been speculated after recent poor performances in the league which has seen them in the relegation zone.

The veteran coach has managed just one win in five matches.

El Eter, who is now an agent, is looking to hire an expatriate coach who is ready for a salary range between US$1,000 – US$1,500.

He posted on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network: “I’m looking for Foreign coaches for the Ghana Premier League. Only Salary, accommodation and transport. Salary $1000 – $1,500.”

Sports News of Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Hearts ‘determined’ to sack Kenichi

Kenichi Yatsuhashi HeartsHearts of Oak coach Kenichi Yatsuhashi

Reports reaching indicates that some members of the Strategic Committee of Accra Hearts of Oak are still ‘determined’ to sack Head Coach Kenichi Yatsuhashi.

The Japanese tactician has in recent weeks come under intense criticism by some members of Hearts management, firstly over his social media outburst and subsequently his fallout with Mr. Vincent Odotei in a meeting.

But calm was restored between Kenichi and the Hearts Management, but Following last Monday’s defeat at home to arch rivals Asante Kotoko, reports has emerged again that the Japanese trainer is on the firing line. can exclusively reveal that a meeting took place on Wednesday afternoon between the Strategic Management team of Hearts and the Supporters front over the future of Kenichi.

It is understood that the Strategic Management team of the Phobians will be meeting the Board of Directors on Thursday for similar discussions.

Kenichi Yatsuhashi joined Heart during the off season and has been credited for the obvious improvement in the Phobians style of play which has attracted fans back to the Stadium.


Spare Soulama of criticism — Nyaho

Nyaho Tamakloe WildDr Nyaho Nyaho-Tamakloe

A board member of Accra Hearts of Oak, Dr Nyaho Nyaho-Tamakloe, has urged Phobian fans to desist from excessive criticism of goalkeeper Abdoulaye Soulama as he was already being haunted by the poor manner in which he conceded the goal against Kumasi Asante Kotoko at the Accra Stadium last Monday.

He maintained that any further criticism of the Burkinabe international would aggravate his already demoralised state, and rather appealed to Hearts fans not to unnecessarily put pressure on the club’s first choice goalkeeper.

Dr Nyaho-Tamakloe, told the Graphic Sports after the big game, that although he understood the pain and frustration of the fans following that horrendous goalkeeping, he thought it would serve as a learning curve for the team in their subsequent matches.

Last Monday, Soulama left many of Phobian fans, heartbroken after his poor clearance of a back pass from defender Richard Akrofi saw the ball rolling into his own net. He howler was followed minutes later by a red card from referee Awal Mohammed for a professional foul on Kotoko’s dangerman, Dauda Mohammed.

“I understand the frustration of the fans because Hearts versus Kotoko matches are epic ‘life-and- death matter and those mistakes cannot be acceptable, but that should be used as a learning opportunity for the team,” Dr Nyaho-Tamakloe emphasised.

The former Ghana Football Association (GFA) boss touted the credentials of the Burkinabe goalkeeper and believed the only way to relieve him of his pain was to show him support since what happened could have happened to anyone.

He advised Hearts to quickly overcome the agony of last Monday’s defeat and look forward to the other difficult games ahead.

Soccer News of Monday, 2 May 2016

Premier League
  • Today’s Matches
StandingsGHANA: Premier League
02.05. 08:20 Finished  Hearts of Oak 0 – 1 Asante Kotoko  (0 – 1)
  • Latest Scores
StandingsGHANA: Premier League
Round 10
01.05. 08:20 Inter Allies Techiman City 1 : 1
01.05. 08:00 Bechem United WAFA  2 : 0
01.05. 08:00 Dreams Sekondi Hasaacas 2 : 1
01.05. 08:00 Ebusua Ashanti 1 : 1
01.05. 08:00 Liberty Aduana Stars 2 : 3
01.05. 08:00 Medeama Wa All Stars 1 : 0
01.05. 08:00 New Edubiase Berekum Chelsea 2 : 1
Round 8
27.04. 08:00 Medeama Inter Allies 1 : 0
Round 9
24.04. 08:20 Ashanti Hearts of Oak 1 : 2
24.04. 08:00 Aduana Stars Medeama 3 : 0
24.04. 08:00 Berekum Chelsea Dreams 3 : 0
24.04. 08:00 Sekondi Hasaacas Liberty 0 : 1
24.04. 08:00 Techiman City Bechem United 2 : 0
24.04. 08:00 Wa All Stars Inter Allies 2 : 0
24.04. 08:00 WAFA Ebusua 2 : 0
StandingsGHANA: Premier League
Round 11
07.05. 08:00 Aduana Stars Dreams
07.05. 08:00 Asante Kotoko Ebusua
07.05. 08:00 Ashanti Bechem United
07.05. 08:00 Berekum Chelsea Hearts of Oak
07.05. 08:00 Liberty Medeama
07.05. 08:00 Sekondi Hasaacas New Edubiase
07.05. 08:00 Techiman City Wa All Stars
07.05. 08:00 WAFA Inter Allies
Round 12
18.05. 08:00 Bechem United Asante Kotoko
18.05. 08:00 Dreams Liberty
18.05. 08:00 Ebusua Berekum Chelsea
18.05. 08:00 Hearts of Oak Sekondi Hasaacas
18.05. 08:00 Inter Allies Ashanti
18.05. 08:00 Medeama Techiman City
18.05. 08:00 New Edubiase Aduana Stars
18.05. 08:00 Wa All Stars WAFA
# Team MP W D L G Pts Form
1. Wa All Stars 10 6 2 2 13:5 20
2. Hearts of Oak 10 5 3 2 13:9 18
3. Dreams 10 5 2 3 9:9 17
4. Aduana Stars 10 5 1 4 13:8 16
5. Liberty 10 5 1 4 15:12 16
6. Berekum Chelsea 10 5 1 4 11:8 16
7. Techiman City 10 4 3 3 11:10 15
8. WAFA 10 4 2 4 12:7 14
9. Asante Kotoko 10 4 2 4 8:9 14
10. Medeama 10 4 1 5 9:13 13
11. Bechem United 10 4 1 5 8:13 13
12. New Edubiase 10 3 3 4 8:9 12
13. Ashanti 10 2 5 3 9:13 11
14. Sekondi Hasaacas 10 3 1 6 10:20 10
15. Inter Allies 10 2 3 5 13:14 9
16. Ebusua 10 2 3 5 7:10 9


Historic drones arrive at the Accra Sports Stadium

Drone CameraThe drones arrive at the Accra Sports Stadium

The much anticipated (UAV) cameras have arrived at the Accra Sports Stadium barely three hours to kick off. brings you pictures of the cameras which will be used to cover game between Hearts of Oak and Asante Kotoko.


Performance of Ghanaian players abroad

Dede LpoolAndre Ayew starred for Swansea City

Deputy Ghana captain Andre Ayew dominated the headlines in the English Premier League after scoring a brace against Liverpool to inspire Swansea City on Sunday.

Meanwhile Jordan Ayew scored a world-class finish for relegated Aston Villa in their loss at Watford.

Former Ghana Premier League Goal King Nana Poku and Derek Boateng’s younger brother – Richard Boateng were both brace scorers over the weekend.

Winger Frank Acheampong netted his fifth league goal in Belgium while Afriyie Acquah, Osei Barnes, Lloyd Sam, Patrick Nyarko, Erich Berko, William Owusu, Dennis Antwi and Akwasi Okyere Wriedt all scored for their respective clubs during the weekend.’s El Akyereko has a comprehensive report on how Ghanaian players performed abroad over the weekend.


Midfielder Gideon Jung was not in the Hamburg SV team for their 0-0 draw at Mainz 05.

Augsburg split points with FC Koln after drawing 0-0 at the WWK Arena. Defender Daniel Opare missed the game due to a knock he picked at Augsburg training on Thursday.

Manfred Osei-Kwadwo was not in the Kaiserslautern team for their 4-1 away victory over FSV Frankfurt.

Davidson Drobo-Ampem was a bench-warmer for St Pauli who succumbed to a 2-0 home loss against Munich 1860.

Neither Philemon Ofosu-Ayeh nor Joseph Baffo played for Eintracht Braunshweig in their 3-1 home win over Nurnberg.

Kwame Kusi was unused by Fortuna Koln in their 3-0 home reverse against Chemnitzer.

Meanwhile in the Regionalliga, Patrick Amponsah came off the TSV Schilksee bench to play in their 7-0 humiliation at Wolfsburg II.

Bernard Tekpetey was replaced on the 90th minute by Schalke 02 II in their 0-0 draw with Rot-Weiss Essen.

Elsewhere 19-year-old defender Steffen Nkansah played 70 minutes for Borussia Mon’gladbach II in their 3-0 win over SV Rödinghausen.

Francis Adomah helped TSV Steinbach to defeat Hoffenheim II 1-0. The 23-year-old played the entire duration of the game for the victors.

21-year-old Bernard Kyere Mensah and Manfred Osei-Kwadwo played for Kaiserslautern II when they slipped to a 1-0 home loss against FC Saarbrücken.

Okyere Wriedt scored his 20th goal of the season by converting a penalty for SK Hansa in their 1-1 draw at ETSV Weiche.


Kwadwo Asamoah assisted Juventus’s opening goal against Carpi and played 85 minutes as the Scudetto winners nicked a 2-0 win.

AC Milan’s poor run in the Serie A continued as Frosinone held them to a 3-3 draw at the San Siro. Midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng was unused by Milan but Raman Chibsah was not in the Frosinone squad for the game.

Godfred Donsah was not in the Bologna squad for their 0-0 draw with Empoli on Sunday.

Alfred Duncan starred in midfielder Sassuolo in their 1-0 win over Hellas Verona. Young defender Claud Adjapong was unused by Sassuolo.

Torino demolished Udinese 5-1 at the Stadio Communale Fruili. Ghana international midfielder Afriyie Acquah scored on the 35th minute for Torino while Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu lasted the entire game for Udinese.

Modena and Crotone shared the spoils in a 1-1 draw on Friday. Emmanuel Prince Besea warmed the bench for Modena.

Bright Addae and Moses Odjer were both suspended when their Ascoli and Salernitana sides clash in the Serie B on Saturday.

Amidu Salifu was not in the Brescia squad for their 1-0 home loss against Vicenza.

Ransford Selasi warmed the bench for Pescara in their 0-0 draw at Entella.

Spezia frustrated Latina to a 0-0 home draw on Saturday. Neither Maxwell Acosty nor Richmond Boakye-Yiadom was not in the Latina squad for the game.

Perugia and Bari shared the spoils in a 0-0 draw. Masahudu Alhassan was not in the Perugia squad for the game but Inter Milan loanee Isaac Donkor played the entire game but AC Milan loanee Kingsley Boateng failed to make the Bari squad for the game.

In the third-tier league, Caleb Ekuban and Isaac Ntow were in the Renate squad for their 0-0 draw with Cuneo.

Former Fiorentina midfielder Daniel Kofi Agyei played for Casertana in their 1-1 draw with Messina.

Dennis Kumih warned the Rimini bench for their 4-0 away triumph over Ancona.

Former Fiorentina defender Nii Nortey Ashong warmed the Lucchase bench in their 2-1 win over ten-man L Aquila.


German-born Reagy Ofosu flourished in midfield for Grodig who posted a 2-0 win over Rapid Vienna.

Liefering earned themselves a draw after holding Austria Salzburg to a 0-0 draw on Friday. Ghana youth international David Atanga played for Liefering but duo Lawrence Ati-Zigi and Raphael Dwamena were not in the Liefering squad for the game.


Ghana captain Asamoah Gyan lasted until the 94th minute for Shanghai SPIG who posted a 3-0 win over Yanbain in the Chinese Super League.


Collins Tanor and Godsway Donyoh were unused by Nordsjaelland in their 2-2 draw with Randers FC on Sunday.

Danish-born Ghanaian defender Jeff Mensah came off the Viborg bench in the 92nd minute to play in their 2-1 away win over Aarhus.

Defender Francis Dickoh warmed the Sondejyske bench in their 2-1 away win over Hobro.


Jordan Ayew scored a world class finish for Aston Villa when the relegation-bound side suffered a 3-2 loss at Watford.

At the Liberty Stadium, Andre Ayew scored brace to power Swansea City to a famous 3-1 win over ten-man Liverpool.

Jeffrey Schlupp started for Leicester City and played 77 minutes as the Foxes held Manchester United to a 1-1 draw. Defender Daniel Amartey was unused by Leicester.

Elsewhere at the St Andrew’s Stadium, Middlesbrough threw their automatic promotion dreams into doubts after drawing 2-2 with hosts Birmingham City. Winger Albert Adomah played full throttle for Middlesbrough but former Liberty Professionals starlet Koby Arthur failed to make the Birmingham City squad for the game.

Crystal Palace loanee Hiram Boateng played the entire minutes of the game for Plymouth Argle in their 2-2 draw at Cambridge Utd.

Former Arsenal youth team goalkeeper Corey Addai warmed the Coventry City bench in their 3-1 away win at Sheffield United.

Derek Asamoah came off the bench in the 83rd minute to play for Carlisle United in their 2-0 home loss against Oxford Utd.

Andy Yiadom played the entire match for Barnet who lost 4-3 against Yeovil Town.

Reading loanee Tariqe Fosu was in full time action for Accrington Stanley in their 1-0 away win at Wycombe Wanderers.


Neither Richard Gadze nor Anthony Annan was in the HJK Helsinki side that succumbed to a 1-0 defeat against PS Kemi.


Former AS Monaco defender Dennis Appiah was in full time action for Caen who drew 0-0 with Bastia on Saturday evening.

Lorient slipped to a 1-0 home loss against Lille. Striker Abdul Majeed Waris missed out of the Lorient squad for the game while Manchester City loanee Yaw Yeboah continued to remain with the Lille team B.

French-born Grejohn Kyei came off the bench in the 69th minute to play for Stade de Reims in their 3-2 loss against Montpellier.

In the third-tier league, former Ghana youth attacker Charles Boateng could not make the Avranches squad as they drew 0-0 with Strasbourg at the Stade René Fenouillère.

But midfielder Joachim Adukor lasted 62 minutes for ten-man Beziers who held Boulogne to a 0-0 stalemate on Friday.


Thomas Agyepong was injured and missed FC Twente’s 4-0 defeat by Ajax Amsterdam.

Dutch-born Derrick Luckassen was unused by AZ Alkmaar when they won 4-1 against Graafschap.

German-born Ghanaian defender Marcel Appiah played for NEC Nijmegen in their 2-1 home defeat against Roda JC.

Dutch-born youngster Rodney Antwi could not make the FC Utrecht squad for their 3-1 away win at Vitesse Arnhem.

18-year-old Kumasi-born striker Asumah Abubakar-Ankra could not make the Willem II team for their 1-0 home loss against Feyenoord.

Johnathan Opoku Agyemang failed to get on the score-sheet but played the entire game for VVV Venlo when they won 3-1 at Achilles 29.

Ghanaian-born Aruba international Erixon Danso scored the consolation goal for Emmen who lost 2-1 at Fortuna Sittard. Raymond Gyasi came off the bench to play the last 12 minutes for the losers.

Manchester City loanee Divine Naah was not in the NAC Breda squad as they slipped to a 4-1 away loss at Go Ahead Eagles.

Dutch-born Ghanaian duo Leeroy Owusu and Elton Acolatse played for Jong Ajax in their 3-1 win over Den Bosch.


Thomas Teye Partey played the entire duration of the game for Atletico Madrid who defeated Rayo Vallecano 1-0.

Inaki Williams came off the bench to assist the match winner for Athletic Club in their 2-1 win over Celta de Vigo.

Wakaso Mubarak played 77 minutes for Las Palmas in their 3-2 loss at Granada CF.

Bernard Mensah was unused by Getafe in their 2-0 away win over Deportivo La Coruna.

In the Segunda Division, former Medeama SC defender Kasim Nuhu warmed the bench for Real Mallorca in their 0-0 draw with Deportivo Alaves.

Fatau Mohammed could not make the Almeria’s squad for their 2-0 loss at Numencia.

Goalkeeper Razak Brimah manned the post for Cordoba in their 1-0 away loss against ten-man Real Oviedo.

In the Segunda B, midfielder Richard Boateng scored both goals for Granada B in their 2-0 win over La Hoya Lorca. Clifford Aboagye played in midfield.


Denis Odoi played in midfield for Lokeren when they held Sporting Chaleroi to a 2-2 draw.

Striker Benjamin Tetteh played the full 90 minutes for Standard Liege in their 1-0 loss at Kortrijk. Former New Edubiase United midfielder Asiedu Attobrah failed to make the Kortrijk squad for the game.

Winger Frank Acheampong scored the second goal for Anderlecht in their 2-0 win over Nana Akwasi Asare’s Gent. Asare was not in the Anderlecht squad for the game.

Midfielder Bennard Kumordzi was unused by Genk in their 3-1 away loss at Club Brugge.

In the second-tier league, Eric Ocansey played for AS Eupen in their 0-0 draw at Antwerp.

Striker Kwame Nsor played the entire match for FC Seraing United in their 2-2 draw at Heist.

William Owusu scored in the 76th minute and lasted 85 minutes for SV Roeselare who mauled Coxyde 4-1.


Former Liberty Professionals Isaac Sackey came off the Slovan Liberec bench to play in their 4-2 win over Brno. Dutch-born Kevin Luckassen was unused by the victors.


Edwin Gyasi was introduced in second-half stoppage-time by Aalesund who lost 1-0 at Molde.

Kwame Karikari came off the bench to play for Haugesund to play in their 3-2 loss against Viking. Midfielder Derrick Mensah was unused by the losers.

Striker Mahatma Otoo was unused by Sogndal IF in their 1-1 draw with Rosenborg BK. But Gilbert Koomson started the game for Sogndal who finished the game with ten men.

Shadrach Eghan was unused by Stabaek in their 2-1 home loss against Odd. But Ernest Asante played the full 90 minutes for the losers.

Mohammed Abu and Bismark Adjei-Boateng were both starters for Stromsgodset in their 2-2 draw with IK Start.

Former Ghana U17 captain Paul Addo played the full 90 minutes for FK Bryne in their 2-2 draw at Asane.

Dennis Antwi was unused by Jerv in their 2-2 draw with Strommen. Mohammed Fuseini was unused by the home side.

Norwegian-born Ghanaian striker Dennis Obeng played for K Oslo in their 0-0 draw with Kristiansund.


Emmanuel Boateng and Ernest Ohemeng were both in action for Moreirense in their 1-1 draw with Boavista. But former Liberty Professionals defender Emmanuel Hackmann was unused by Boavista.

Ghana youth attacker Osei Barnes scored the opening goal for Pacos Ferreira in their 2-0 away win over Belenenses.

Alhassan Wakaso played in central midfield for Rio Ave in their 1-1 draw with Tondela.

In the second-tier league, former Inter Milan youth team player Said Ahmed Said played the entire match for Olhanense in their 3-2 win over nine-man Freamunde.

Ishmael Yartey was not part of the Gil Vicente squad that drew 2-2 at Aves. Yartey is nursing an injury.

Emmanuel Oti was not in the Braga B squad that lost 2-0 against Benfica B.

Former Right to Dream Academy graduate Thomas Agyiri warmed the SC Farense bench in their 1-1 draw with Chaves.

Lumor Agbenyenu played 68 minutes for Portimonense in their 2-0 win over Oliveirense.


Prince Buaben played 77 minutes for Heart of Midlothian who slipped to a 3-1 loss against Celtic at the Tynecastle Stadium.

In other games, Abdul Osman captained Partick Thistle to a 4-1 defeat against Inverness in the relegation play-offs.


Inter Allies loanee Lord Ofosuhene played for Falkenbergs in their 2-1 loss against Elfsborg. But Enock Kwakwa was unused by the home side.

Ten-man Malmo FF posted a 3-0 win over BK Hacken. Ghanaian midfielder Enock Adu Kofi was unused by Malmo but midfield duo of Nasiru Mohammed and Mohammed Abubakari played for Hacken but defender Baba Mensah was unused by Hacken.

Thomas Boakye played 66 minutes for Varbergs in their 2-2 draw with Frej.

Former Ghana U23 captain Yussih Chibsah played for Ljungskile in their 1-0 win over Dalkurd.


FC Sion suffered a 2-1 loss to champions FC Basel. Striker Ebenezer Assifuah played 75 minutes for Sion.

Samuel Afum watched from the stands as his Xamax side drew 2-2 with Wohlen.


Defender John Boye assisted the goal for Sivasspor in their 1-1 draw with Akhisar Genclik Spor.

Samuel Inkoom flourished in defence for Antalyaspor after coming off the bench in the 80th minute in their 1-0 win over Konyaspor.

Moro Ibrahim was not in the Adana Demirspor team but Joseph Attamah played the entire match in their 2-2 draw at Kayseri Erciyesspor.


Winger Lloyd Sam scored for New York Red Bulls in their 4-0 win over FC Dallas. Defender Gideon Baah missed the game with injury.

Goalkeeper Adam Kwarasey missed Portland Timbers’ 2-1 win over Toronto FC.

Dominic Oduro starred in attack for Montreal Impact in their 2-2 draw with Colorado Rapids.

Midfielder Kwadwo Poku was unused by Patrick Viera in New York City FC’s 3-2 win over Vancouver Whitecaps.

Philadelphia Union and San Jose Earthquakes shared the spoils in a 1-1 draw. Charles Sapong and Joshua Yaro both played for Union while Kofi Sarkodie was also in action for SJ.

Harrison Afful played for Columbus Crew in their 1-0 away loss against Seattle Sounders.

David Accam warmed the Chicago Fire bench but Patrick Nyarko scored the equaliser at the Toyota Park against his former employers as Fire and DC United drew 1-1.

Gershon Koffie played the entire minute of the game for New England Revolution in their 2-2 draw with Orlando City FC.

Derek Boateng played full time for Rayo in their 2-1 home loss against Indy Eleven.


Striker Patrick Twumasi was in full-time action for Astana FC in their 1-0 win over K. Almaty.


Striker Nana Poku scored a brace to propel Misr Elmaqasah to a 3-1 away win over El Daklyeh.


Defender Francis Kwame was axed from the Podbeskidzie squad for their 3-2 loss against Jagiellonia.


Injured Sulley Muniru watched from the stands as his Steaue Bucuresti side drew 1-1 with Pandurii.


Defender Jonathan Mensah was once again unused by Anzhi in their 3-0 away defeat at Krasnodar in the Premier League.

Rabiu Mohammed did not play for Kuban Krasnodar because of injury.


Defender Lawrence Lartey was not in the Ajax Cape Town squad for their 5-0 defeat against Bloem Celtic.


Sulley Muntari played the opening 45 minutes for Al Ittihad Jeddah in their 3-1 Cup loss against Al Nassr.


We are ready for Tottenham – Baba Rahman

Baba Rahman Chelsea NewGhana defender Baba Rahman

Ghana defender Baba Abdul Rahman is expecting a good game on Monday in the last London derby of the season, when Chelsea host Tottenham Hotspurs at Stamford Bridge.

It is a game that could decide whether Leicester City would win their first-ever Premier League title on Monday or wait for another weekend.

“I was on the bench at Tottenham and also at Arsenal and I saw the atmosphere,” Baba told

“They were both very good. We know what it means to the fans and to the club as well. We expect a good atmosphere and very good support from the fans, as they do always.’

Baba is yet to feature in a London derby involving his side Chelsea since joining the Blues in July, but reminisces about his time in Germany and the rivalry between Ghana and Nigeria.

“For Greuther Furth, I played against Nuremberg a couple of times. The second time was my last game for Furth and I scored two goals. It was the perfect way to say goodbye.

“Ghana’s main rival is Nigeria. We are almost the same. We have a lot of similarities and share a lot of things. When we play against each other it’s always a tough game, and all of us really want to win it. Obi knows it too.” he said.


Ayew hails ‘magical’ Swansea moments

Dede HailsSwansea City forward Andre Ayew

Swansea City forward Andre Ayew is over the moon after scoring twice in his side’s 3-1 defeat of Liverpool in the Premier League on Sunday.

The 26-year-old opened the scoring at the Liberty Stadium after heading home a Gylfi Sigurdsson’s corner on 20 minutes, before Jack Cork added a second 13 minutes later.

Christian Benteke halved the deficit after recess, but the Ghanaian was on hand to restore Swansea’s two goal lead three minutes later.

“It has been a magical few days,” Ayew told his club’s official website.

“The manager [Francesco Guidolin] has a lot of confidence in me. He gave me a day off to go back for the birth, and I did my best for the squad and to repay him.

“Liverpool have great players who want to win the Europa League, so it’s a good result for us and our fans.”

Brought to England from French side Marseille by former Swansea manager Garry Monk last summer, Ayew has taken his season’s tally to 10 goals in the topflight.

“I want to dedicate my goal goals to Garry Monk,” Ayew added.

“When I signed here, he wanted me to get 10 goals before the end of the season. He is no longer the gaffer, but I have a big thought for him because he brought me here.

“It’s not a bad tally for a first season. I know I can do better and I will continue to work hard for the squad and hopefully, I will get more assists and goals.”

Swansea currently sit 13th on the log with two matches to go.

Soccer News of Saturday, 30 April 2016


Asante Kotoko coach admits goal scoring headache

Michael Osei Kotoko CoachMichael Osei, Kotoko interim coach

Asante Kotoko interim head coach Michael Osei has admitted that his side has genuine goal scoring concerns ahead of their May 2nd clash against rivals Hearts of Oak.

Osei will experience the grudge encounter as the main man in the dug out for the first time following the decision of the Kotoko management to dispense with substantive manager David Duncan following their poor start to the season.

The Porcupine Warriors have managed to score only 7 goals this season but have found the back of the net just once away from home.

He says it is a problem the technical team has been working tirelessly to rectify.

“We are expecting a very competitive encounter against Hearts because we know that such games are always difficult.

“We have been working very hard to improve our goal scoring.

“We engage in special training geared at improving our finishing everyday.

“I hope that in future the hard work we are putting in will yield results,”he said.

There have been 102 meetings between the two sides with Kotoko winning 32 with Hearts winning 34 while the remaining 36 games have ended in draws.


Should Sunderland swoop for Ayew brothers this summer?

Andre Jordan Ayew NeeewwAndre and Jordan Ayew

Andre and Jordan both look set to leave Swansea and Aston Villa respectively.

Sunderland are currently facing a fight for survival but that does not mean they should not already be preparing for life in the Premier League next season and starting to consider their transfer options.

The club will need to improve as a whole if they are to get away from a relegation fight once again next term and a potentially good option would be a double swoop for Premier League brothers.

Jordan Ayew and Andre Ayew both arrived in the Premier League last summer at Aston Villa and Swansea City respectively.

The Ghanaian duo, sons of legendary Marseille forward Abedi Pele, have impressed in the Premier League at times – despite the struggles of their respective clubs.

Jordan is unlikely to want to play Championship football with Villa whilst a report from Wales Online this week suggested that Swansea are willing to sell Andre in the summer – a


Referees Review Panel to punish clubs

Referees Review PanelThe referee being pelted by Hearts fans

The Referees Review Panel of the Ghana Football Association will punish clubs that will raise false allegations against match officials after investigations, can reveal.

According to a member of the Review Panel, most clubs point accusing fingers at referees but after watching videos of such matches, they find the referees innocent.

The source added that clubs have succeeded in inciting their fans against match officials but these officials are mostly correct in their decisions and do not deserve such accusations.

The Review Panel has since warned all clubs to make sure that accusations leveled against match officials can be well substantiated or risk serious sanctions.

Match officials have been at the center of ridicule by clubs and fans for decisions taken on the field but video evidence sometimes show they took the right decisions.


PLB throws away Hearts’ request not to issue complimentary tickets

Hearts Tarkwa BoardHearts of Oak board members: From left- Frank Nelson, Togbe Afede XIV, Alhassan Andani.

The Premier League Board on Thursday threw away a request by Accra Hearts of Oak not to print complimentary tickets for the Super Clash encounter with Asante Kotoko.

The Phobians made a formal request to the PLB not to issue complimentary cards for the game saying they need to cash in on the big game.

But the Premier League Board, led by Ashford Tetteh Oku rejected the request insisting the regulations of the Ghana FA do not allow that.

Hearts of Oak were therefore tasked to issue the number of complimentary tickets required for the various stakeholders for the game.

Hearts will take on Kotoko in the biggest game of the season at the Accra Sports Stadium on Monday.


Rashid Sumaila wins Kuwait Premier League with Al Qadsia

Rashid Sumaila WinRashid Sumaila won his first major trophy in Kuwait

Ghana defender Rashid Sumaila has won the Kuwait Premier League with Al Qadsia despite losing 1-2 to Al Jahra FC.

The Ghanaian, therefore, won his first major trophy in Kuwait and has also been crowned the Best Foreign Player in Kuwait.

Click on ‘Photos’ to see some photos of the celebration.

player who was linked with Sunderland during the January transfer window.


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